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Every time when a new set of cards are released in the game, I always think that it is not good for the current portfolio. Well, this is just my thought but anyone can definitely prove me wrong with proper stats. This is just a feeling. No offense. In the past, I have observed it but not very keen. Today when I was checking my overall card value, I was surprised that the value of my portfolio was dropped by nearly 400$. Below are the stats that I checked today.


The below stats I checked on 18th June. There is a huge difference indeed.


I think the below can be some of the reasons why this could happen.

  • When many people start opening their packs and when many cards come for sale in the market.
  • The demand for cards is very low in the market but there is a lot in supply and that too for cheap rates.
  • When new cards are gaining popularity, people tend to dump their old cards in the market affecting the price of reward cards and beta cards.
  • When many big players try to quit the game by dumping their cards. This will not only reduce the value of the cards but it will also reduce the value of DEC as well because that will also be heavily dumped.
  • When people stop investing into the game or if there is a big decrease in the number of new people joining the game.

Some people might say that this is a temporary thing and when the demand increases the value of cards would gradually improve. But I will not agree with that. I personally feel that when there are too many different types of cards in supply, people prefer going for an alternative instead of investing in a card that is good but costly in the market. I would like to take a few cards as an example.


The above card is the Ruler of The Seas which is one of the most powerful cards in the water deck. I got this card in one of the quest rewards. When I got this card, I quickly checked the price of the card in the market to upgrade this card if possible. I was able to find cards in the market for 200$ per card. Today the price of a card in the market has dropped to almost 40$. Maybe after a few more months, we might even see the price reach 30 dollars.


This is the next card that is losing its value in my portfolio. When the card was introduced it had a very big demand. I was lucky to get a card as soon as it was released. When I checked the price in the market, someone had placed a sell order for 700$ and I was shocked. Even my total portfolio was not worth that much during that time. I understand that it is not the actual value but the card was trading at the price of around 200$. Now the price of the card has dropped and it is around 46 dollars per card.


This is just my personal observation and not financial advice or anything.

  • The price of the cards will not be the same forever in the market. When there is a new fancy card in the market, the value of the old card would reduce.
  • Investing in this game and watching the portfolio grow is not going to happen. If we have to reap some profit here, we have to stay active and keep investing at the right time.
  • We have to remember that we are not only investing money but also our time in this game.
  • When we get the right change to sell a card in the market for the best price, we have to go for it. There is a high possibility that we may not see the same price again in the market. It will either be too low than our bought price or it can be too high that we cannot afford it.

Finally, I would like to say that we have to think wisely before making any investment. If the investment of time is only for enjoyment, then it shouldn't be a problem but if you investing your time for profits, choose the right strategy.

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If the developer does not come up with something new then all the cards will depreciate. I am starting to lose interest in the game - my card value decreases every month and I lose the incentive to play! If there are no changes in the next 2 months, then the game will not succeed in reanimating!

And the reanimating part is also taking a lot of time. I guess they have to be quick in releasing nice features. Maybe the speed in which new features are coming out is not enough. The new cards that are being released is diluting the value of existing cards.

The UI also needs a lot of improvement. Let's hope for the best. 😀


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Lol, I played that game for 7-8 hours straight, can't win. Good game though. Addictive.

Yes it is addictive. 😀

The value of cards also depends on the DEC value in market.
I have observed when every the price of DEC is on low side (as in current situation the DEC is below the $ 0.5 per 1000 DEC) the price of cards also get decreased.
In the month of june DEC was more then $0.7 per 1000 DEC and the price of the card was also very good... the Beta Dragon legendary cards were trading for $5 atvthat time and now sone are below $2.
And one more thing as the Untamed packs can be purchased from official site for 2000 DEC per pack (the effective price below $1), then some people are buying more packs and dumping the cards (in my opinion).

Yes that is right. This is also a good observation. Ya people are buying more packs from the market and dumping the cards.


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Card prices are definitely plummeting, particularly noticed this for Alpha cards.

The new cards will bring new strategies in the game but it will not be very great for the old cards. They will start losing their value. Thanks for the comments. Cheers!