The bubble of education. Bursting? Burst?

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The bubble of the education system has to be one of the largest blown among the bubbles to exist within functioning society. With majority of the civilized world agreeing unanimously that this sphere, fundamental to the growth and sustenance of humankind, vividly and imminently requires revision and remodelling. However, for an unknown factor the bubble has never been really fidgeted with.


A large portion of the negligence is partially due to the constant influx of students and outflow of graduates without much dropping out, which is usually a sign of a well working system on paper, and partially because for a long time there wasn't anything new experimented, either due to low budgets or interests. This resulted in a major inflation od the bubble with little to none modification. A few tweaks here and quick touch up there from individual premises for personal gain made it look refreshing and new to user base as well as authorities.


However, the laws of physics mention something along the lines of "when the bubble is too big, the bubble is going to pop-poppyti-pop". As the internet continues spreading like a spider's net with webs everywhere, it has become easier to not only communicate but also improve. The most recent upgrades we have seen within the sphere of education is only because of the widespread of demands going viral by students or teachers, thanks to the world wide web. Also, the internet has allowed multiple visionaries to try out a variety of alternative methodologies to improve the system which has now been noticed, again thanks to the internet.


This begs the questions:
The uprise of e-classes or online classes where assignments, lessons, quiz, grading are all being conducted very successfully due to the quarantine, do we really need conventional schooling anymore?
Is there any remaining legit grounds for hating on e-tutors or online certificates?
Is technology really the root of evil for children? (Even though this has been debunked multiple times with multiple scenarios)


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A terrific article @blind-spot. You are 100% correct.

The upper education bubble was a result of guaranteed student loans which one could not be turned down for yet cannot default out of. Thus, everyone took the money without thought of what it was doing.

Now that we are seeing a different way of doing things, I agree. The deflationary forces of technology are going to overwhelm the educational system.

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Some valid points raised.

Even the online education system is a bubble as everyone is a teacher - and there are more teachers than students (soon to be).

Feels like the entire education system around learning should be based on experience.

Experience and expertise. Pedagogy is not as simple as people think it is. It is very sensitive and has a direct impact on the shape of society

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