Did you transfer any HIVE to Ionomy for the Airdrop today?

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Are you getting ready to collect some free coins?

A few days ago Ionomy announced they were doing an airdrop for HIVE holders on the Ionomy platform.

The snapshot date was said to be Friday April 3rd (today).

Though, they failed to mentioned exactly what time the snapshot would be taken, and as of right now I have still yet to see what time the snapshot will be taken.

More about it can be seen here:


Which means, if you haven't done it yet, there still may be some time to qualify for the airdrop...

I sent some over the other day hoping to pick up a few extra coins:

(Source: https://wallet.hive.blog/@jrcornel/transfers)

Again, there is no guarantee that the snapshot time hasn't passed already, but you may still be able to participate if it hasn't.

More about it can be seen in their official announcement as well...


Let me know if you have any questions.

Stay informed my friends.


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Thought about it, then was like no. The good news is your posts talking about the airdrop will be worth more than the airdrop ;)


if I send tomorrow night - I will not receive airdrop?

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I put some on there, but the airdrop is $900 total, so it likely will be pennies to everyone.

Yes I did see that it is currently priced at roughly $.021 per, and at 40,000 airdropped it was only equal to a tad under $900 (as you mentioned). Nothing to break the bank about, but some free dollars that are likely immediately turned into HIVE never hurts. :)

Not to jinx it but if they were to run off with it that would be kind if bad, lol.

I've made a couple transfers in and out thus far, no issues. Though I am sure they have more than they have ever had previously... so yes that is always a risk.

I think ionomy have demonstrated themselves to be a quality exchange. Also these airdrops offer a passive income on ionomy as far as I know as they are sharenode tokens. Thought I don't know how they work.

Hello friend, a question that I must ask to participate

I powered up April 1st so really wasn't worth the trouble considering the small amount

Yep, positioned myself for it ... a bit frustrated with the little bit being distributed of IONSX in terms of its value, but, this is the first of a series of drops, so perhaps later ones will be better...

They better be ...

I did, Going to keep 300 hive in there for the next airdrop next friday. Can't say no too free stuff.

Is there one next Friday too?