Ionomy to do another Airdrop for HIVE holders this Friday

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If you missed out on the last Airdrop, you have another chance this Friday...

Ionomy did an Airdrop of IONSX last Friday.

They distributed roughly $900 worth of IONSX to qualified holders.

More on my personal results from that Airdrop can can be seen here:

Overall, I received roughly $79 worth of free coins.


Well, it looks like this Friday, they are doing another one...

Not much is known at this point, but this came from their blog here on HIVE:

"The airdrops keep coming!
Next Friday, April 10, 2020, #ionomy #Exchange will do another airdrop to accounts holding at least 300 $HIVE. Stay tuned for details!"


Last time you needed at least 200 HIVE parked on the exchange at the time of the snapshot to be eligible, this time around it looks like you will need to park at least 300 HIVE.

It isn't clear exactly what coin will be airdropped or how much they will be airdropping, but I when I find out I will let you know.

Who doesn't like free monies?

Stay informed my friends.


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We'll get a couple of dollars of free coins just to become worthless in a couple of months. Nothing new here, move on.

Unless you sell them for btc or usd or some other coin that may hold its value...

Also true.

I still haven’t received it. 😢 I emailed their support, but haven’t heard back yet.

Hmm $50 for free might as well

I was far from 200 HIVE and even further from 300 HIVE... It takes more than a week to get that amount of HIVE just from rewards...