Looks like the Ionomy Airdrop for HIVE holders showed up

in hive-148441 •  2 months ago  (edited)

I checked my Ionomy account this morning and to my surprise, there was some IONSX in there...

Ionomy announced yesterday that they would be doing a snapshot and airdrop to all HIVE holders that held at least 200 HIVE on the exchange.

Though, the exact time of the snapshot and then also when the subsequent airdrop would actually happen were not made clear.

Fast forward to today, and I see this in my account:

(Source: https://ionomy.com/en/wallets/ion)

A little under 3k IONSX, which is worth about $79 at current market prices.

Not too shabby for a parking some funds over there for less than 24 hours.

Better than initially thought...

Initially, I saw this in my account and thought this was the airdrop...

Which, at market prices is worth a little over $.03.

Not sure exactly what that is, but that thankfully that was not the airdrop. :)

Now the process begins of selling it and getting that cash into HIVE...

Did anyone else have an IONSX show up in their account today?

Stay informed my friends.


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Didn't I say it wasn't worth the effort...

Looks like it showed up, it was different than what I initially thought it was...

IONSX isn't actually worth anything until you exchange it to ION, which is the actual coin. This is same as with any internal token of other exchanges. Trading volume of ION is so low that cashing out larger amounts might be really hard.

Well it has a BTC pair on Ionomy and has a value listed right there. Don't have to go back to ION in that regard... I know because I just exchanged it. :)

Quick calculation shows that direct conversion from IONSX to BTC has lower rate than conversion from IONSX to ION and then to BTC, excluding trading fee... As the difference is about 40 satoshis, I'm pretty sure trading fee isn't that much.

Hope they keep their word

You have to go to the assets section (tab beside wallets) and there you will see the IONSX. :O)

You probably have a couple of thousand

I presume that 1.6 is the mined amount from that maybe?

Ah yes, I found that out shortly after I made the post. Edited to update. Thanks!

No worries, you would have been the same as me, clicking about everywhere to see what was what!

I did transfer some, but I really did not expect to reach the 200 Hive level, I just did not have that much sitting around, and my power down at the other place is still in the works. I guess I didn't miss out on much then, oh well. Some times the price of free can be expensive.

do not sell yet, they are doing a second airdrop... in the coming week


I only got this and I had like 321 HIVE. Does it depend on the amount of coins you are holding in the exchange?

I am assuming so...

I got a cheeky 100 and now I seem to be getting ion tokens daily, which is nice.

I didn't realise it was based on how many tokens you had in there, oh well, I'll make sure to transfer more of my liquid hive over for Friday!

I quite like this exchange, very good support I've found too.