To Sell or not to Sell?

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Hello people?

#Steem is pumping hard since yesterday. It is already up 200% and it seems this pump will continue.


As @toofasteddie mentioned in his latest post, people most probably buy Steem cause all valid STEEM stakeholders will receive a perfectly mirrored balance of their current STEEM holdings in the new HIVE coin! Besides there is no other way to buy Hive coins right now. Better safe than sorry right?

SBD also jumped at the #188 position in terms of Market cap according to @coingecko. It is now trading around $1.15 - $1.20.


I have a really tough question for you.

To Sell or not to Sell?

My guts is telling me that I should probably Hodl till the snapshot and then start lightening my Steem bags. Not much but I will definitely sell some Steem for some cheap BTC or ETH.

What will you do? HODL or Sell?


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SBD at above $1 price is always a good for those wanting to get their hands on more steem. In this case, stocking up on Hive.

For sure. I should have done that when sbd was at .75 and steem at .13 a couple of days ago.
Who cares. Maybe HBD (Hive Backed Dollars) will pump much more than sbd. Besides sbd has already reached 13$ once. Who knows. Maybe it will happen again in the future!

I think this question cannot be easily answered.
I’m not selling Steem because I don’t have enough Steem liquid at the exchanges now but If I had it I would sell some 😊

Well, I didn't. I want to get the most of it from the HIVE Airdrop so I thought I should wait!