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@theterminal is known for providing an entertaining, educative and a befitting challenge for its ralliers. This time, the rallies are asked to write on a topic of their choice as listed on her blog.

I choose Who or what brought you to hive or steem blockchain.

I want to make this post in form of interview to make it fun and unique.

@thekittygirl: Good day everyone especially our interviewee. I hope you are glad to be here.
@sirpee6: Yes, thank you.

@thekittygirl: Can you tell us who invited you to hive or steem blockchain?
@sirpee6: I firstly opened a steemit account when steemit was all was heard then in the blockchain and I started blogging on it. I was actually introduced to the platform by a friend @josoft. I do see him busy with his phone always and I was wondering what could that be that can take his time like that, and I saw that it is steemit.

@thekittygirl: Whao! You are invited by a friend who was always busy with his phone. Are you also invited to hive by this same person or a different person?
@sirpee6: I was not invited to hive by anyone but by myself since my account is created automatically since I have a steemit account as its applicable to anyone else.

@thekittygirl: Can you tell us what brought you to hive/steem blockchain?
@sirpee6: People tend to do something due to different reasons. I came to steem blockchain to share what I've got with people as well as learning new things. Basically, what I post most on steem is motivational speech even though I didn't post much there. But on getting to hive, I found a more challenging and interactive community that inspires me to do more. Guess what, it is no other community than The terminal. This enable me to post more, interact with people outside my jurisdiction and write a quality post.
Being rewarded for posting good quality post through upvote and good comment has always been an inspiration.

@thekittygirl: What do keeps you going(posting on hive)?
@sirpee6: I keep on posting on hive primarily because, I'm encouraged by people's comment most times and maybe upvote sometimes because, good work deserves some accolades.

@thekittygirl: In any way, have you ever thought of stop blogging on hive due to some life challenges? If yes, tell us.
@sirpee6: There is nothing with an advantage without a disadvantage. To create a good post is time consuming. Also, the rate I subscribe to my phone has increased i.e money consuming.

@thekittygirl: Lastly, what advise do you have for those planning to quit posting on hive or @theterminal?
@sirpee6: Thank you for this question. The advise I have for whosoever is planning to stop blogging on hive is that he/she shouldn't stop but rather, keep on going. Home is not built in a day and you can be a whale one day. I will use this medium to urge @misschance to come back to @theterminal. Thanks.


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Love the interview lay out for the blog great idea. And this way we know more about you. I didn’t know misschance stopped. Well like you said a house isn’t built in one day and if you don’t give up you will have a prosper future here

This was such a cute idea for a post! Good job! 😁

I would like to see @misschance return, too... 💙

Thanks for sharing your experience with us!

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That is a pretty awesome interview you had there @sirpee6!
Keep working on it, glad to see that the Rally is helping, that is very encouraging for quite a few people!

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Hi @sirpee6. An interesting layout indeed. Unique application of the Rally PickATopic Challenge. I love how you took a different approach to the unusual interview questions one would ask and devised some of your own.

You are right. Unless there is a devastating event, one should never give up on their dreams, no matter what they are. But people need a break sometimes to renew and regenerate to find what direction they want to go.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Have a good evening. We enjoy having you participate in the Redfish Rally.

I congratulate you @sirpee6 for the innovation, something different, good creativity. I once left the platform aside and regretted it a lot, it was wasted time. I do not advise that they leave either. Greetings friend.


The interview is unique. We love to see more people join @theterminal than leave.