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Hello dear friends,
I will take a few days off today and continue my drawing on my return from vacation. We planned a short trip. We will see how much we can apply this in the coming days. I think my little daughter will be most pleased with this job.


I want to return to drawing without keeping this conversation too long. This time I tried a different style that is not portrait. I am trying to learn different brushes and their usage. My love for digital drawing is increasing day by day.

I tried hard to make this realistic. But then I did my heart again. And I decided to add a monster. And now it has turned into an unreal nightmare. You know I like some dark things. Actually, this is the theme in all my drawings. And I really like the light light in this drawing. Actually, I was planning to do something darker. But I haven't changed that enough. Maybe it's related to the momentary mood. In the meantime, I will continue with the series of Ethiopia portraits in the next drawing.


I have already started drawing this. And I will add the nightmare you are seeing right now to my nftshowroom gallery. Maybe crypto art lovers are here. And they want to have it. I send you love for a few days where I will be silent. In the meantime, if I am very bored, I can share a few shares from the hotel we stayed for you :)

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waaaaah this is AMAZING! That might be one of my favourite of you so far! The contrast between the realistic front trees and the nightmare at the back is SUPER DOPE!

Woho great you like this! thank you :)

Reminds me of the Lord of The Rings movie... Some dark rider in the Mirkwoord!!

Oh...thank you

Absolutely LOVE this!!! Did a doodle a while back a little "similar" but nowhere NEAR as good!!!! !tip

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Oh.. thank you so much dear friend !

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The stag king. Beautiful.

Thank you so much

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Oop, this really is dope! The moment I saw it in the OnChainArt community page, I was like ''yooooo, look at that!''
I like the way you drew the birches and the monster very much!

I am so glad you like this! Thank you

I love all the mistery around your art. Beautiful!

Thank you so much ♥️

Great drawing! Also have a nice holiday! :)

Thank You

Looks so good! Is that what you saw during your trip? Hahaha. I love the look of your art, especially the black canvas that you use and the textures of the brushes <3

ahahahahaa I guess my English translation tricked me again! thank you

wow very beautiful

Thank you !

you are most welcome :)

Enjoy your trip my friend:)

I like the texture in the trees

Thank you ♥️


very good drawings

hey I really like the environment that you managed to make, I loved the treatment of the trees.
I hope you have an excellent trip!

such a wonderful work, ! love it