"The beach today"

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Hey, friends! This is my latest painting named The beach today. I am from Bulgaria. This place called Sinemorets is at the Black Sea Coast. A beautiful town to spend your vacation. This year the place looks more empty. I named the painting "The beach today". The blue sea waves fascinated me, so I decided to paint them. They look so nice with those incredible turquoise color.I tried to put the background first. This makes the steps of finishing more easy. I painted the sky and waves first. At the end I put the foam, and the umbrella. This element makes the painting more cute I think maybe because of the natural materials from which it is made.
I used a photo from @manoldonchev and I want to thank him for his support.I think I owe him a case of beer for using the photos.😀




Best regards.

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I love the sensation I feel when I see your art, I know you named the painting "the beach today" but it's more like the end of the vacation, when the beach is desolate and you only hear the waves and nothing else

Thank you for those kind words! Maybe you are right. This is a new look on this artwork...

Wow, muy buen trabajo, exelente pintura, es como si el agua esta ahi, gracias, te voto y te sigo.

Muchas gracias!

Muy buen trabajo, se real, gracias por compartir, te sigo y te dejo mi voto.

Muchas gracias!

Que bello y que relajante :)

Muchas gracias!

Wow!!!just amazing!!!!So much realistic art.❤Thanks for sharing friend.❤

Thank you very much! I am happy you enjoy it!

You have soooooo much talent my friend. Really you do.

Thank you so much!

Excelent my friends. Congratulations 🙏


I like how beautiful you made the waves, especially those drops that show up when the wave breaks.
Your painting reminded me of the beautiful moments I spent on the beach.

Thank you! I am glad that you like it! I also have a great memories ...