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I'm always trying to improve productivity and save some time while creating content or doing my daily crypto hustling. That is why I'm constantly looking out for apps and tricks to make things a bit easier for me.

Today I wanted to share a couple of browser extensions that I have found pretty useful after a short test period.


The first one is a Social Web Highlighter & Note Taking Chrome extension(I'm using it on Brave) named Glasp.

Instead of saving a whole article for later, you can pick and highlight relevant stuff with different color tags and they are automatically saved to be viewed later.


Saved stuff can then be easily found by clicking the Glasp icon and can be organized on your personal page using name tags for example.


This is pretty close to something I've been missing and I can think of more than one use case for it.

  • For example, pretty often when reading posts on Leo I've found pieces of information I wanted to save for later so I just copied the link of a post to a toolbar folder. When the time comes to take a closer look at that it can be a little time-consuming finding the post and if it's a long one, finding the certain info. With Glasp I can find it more quickly if I've tagged it.

  • Saving important dates such as UI launches, etc.

  • Keeping up with a trading history of a certain token.


Here's an example of a small GLX sale I made this morning. Sure you can find the trading history on Hive-engine too but that might be a bit inconvenient since you have to search for the info on HE explorer. With Glasp I'm gathering the buys & sells in more readable order and keeping track of trading a certain token.

Probably the best thing about Glasp is you can just highlight text as much as you want, forget about it, and then maybe organize the stuff later. So no need to keep a notepad open if you're in a hurry for example.


Another one is called Momentum. It will turn your browser start/new page into a more personalized dashboard. There is a nice, daily changing background image and an inspirational quote but also the possibility to add links, goals, and a main focus for the day.


Compared to Glasp, I didn't immediately see the potential in this one but started to use it anyway. Now, this may sound like a lot of BS but indeed, it has really helped me to stay more focused and organized.

Sometimes I've just mindlessly surfed through different pages waiting for some kind of inspiration boost. Opening a new tab will then remind me of the work I still have to get done - it's like a personal trainer for content creators. Is this a good or a bad thing? Well, you decide. Works for me since I'm hopelessly all over the place.

Plus, there's something oddly satisfying in marking those little boxes when you have done your daily tasks and can then tap yourself on the shoulder.


No. These are not game-changing apps but more like little helpers that have made things a bit smoother and helped me to be more organized. Time will tell how long their life span will be and when I discover other ones to replace them but so far so good.

Both of them are free while Momentum can be upgraded to add counters, metrics, and stuff like that.

Thank you for reading and please let me know your favorite extensions/apps!

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