Almost owned half a Bitcoin

5 months ago
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As I, and many others, steadily power down their stake across the way, the temptation to get at least half way to owning a whole Bitcoin has been growing.

But what am I going to do with .5 BTC?

Well I could buy a new laptop - This one is starting to make funny noises and the power cable no longer sits right. I could cash out to fiat just in case there is no job for me when the Furlough scheme ends. Or I could just sit on the token and wait for something to happen. Naaa...


I don't feel like I've just backed a sure fire winner and this investment is certainly speculative. However, Hive is my(our) new home and I'd like to be a part of the journey, wherever it may lead.

@misterengagement has moved over as well, for the somewhat reasonable cost of 100 HIVE. Anyone who had Steem-Engine tokens should now have the same amount on Thank you very much to @eonwarped for making this possible, half the rewards from this post are coming your way.

I'm still in need of a kind soul to run the bot for the account, and so if you know anyone willing to do this thankless task, thank them and let me know :)

I'd like @misterengagement to start issuing ENGAGE on Hive, and will be looking to delegate some HP to the account, in order to nudge (hopefully) decent comments up the thread, if/when this is automated again.

The bot is still working across the way, but I recommend not buying ENGAGE on Steem-Engine and would prefer it if they were taken off the exchange if possible.

The Engagement League has gotten off to a decent start on Hive, although the numbers are around 20% down on the last post across the way. I'm expecting figures to rise slowly but surely though, and an upwards move in HIVE would likely help.

I spent a few hours in the Hive discord this afternoon, listening to the random chatter and reading the questions and answers from the AMA. Ciara Sun (No relation I think) of Huobi was in the chat, and I think she came across really well.


Ambitious and noble, not bad for starters eh?

... I think I would spend the money and time on positioning HIVE as the better alternative to what is currently offered in the traditional sense.

Marketing? A dig at Steemi? :)

Seems fair to assume that Huobi will be listing HIVE very soon. Will they have the Binance Effect? Well, I did leave a little in liquid, just in case.

Good luck all,