LeoFinance overtakes GEMS as the most rewarded community on Hive

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Good day!

Well, it is unless you look at the Crypto market šŸ™ˆ

Long-term, long-term - close the price feed and write a post, that's what I'm doing anyway.

During my sleep, I received a message on discord regarding Communities on Hive.

Have you been keeping track of how many active communities Hive has in given week/month that have at least 1 post in them?

We seem to have a metric ton now. Perhaps I never noticed it was over 300 just from a quick look down the communities page on PeakD seeing how many have 1 Hive in rewards pending.

Well yes of course, I regularly monitor all these metrics.... Not really, but it sounded like something worth further investigation, and so thank you for the inspiration today.

According to HiveSQL, there are 2291 Communities registered and 2208 of these have at least one account subscribed.

Three Communities (hive-148441, hive-174578, hive-196037, or GEMS, OCD, DTUBE) have over 5000 accounts subscribed, and 45 Communities have at least 1000 accounts signed up.

As far as activity, lets cut straight to the pending payouts and payouts.

As of Monday February 22, 2021, 16:06 Central European Time (CET), there is 'active' content in 434 Communities. However, 47 of these Communities currently have content in which the total pending payout is 0.

Here are the top 20 Communities, ordered by pending payout value (past 7 days).


I have purposely left the Community 'codename' as is, partly for a little suspense (although the post title is a bit of a giveaway and partly) because I'm lazy. However, I've pulled my socks up for the all important chart....

Content is 'active' for 7 days and so the above doesn't tell much of a story, only that 'hive-167922' (Yes that is LeoFinance!) has content totaling the highest pending payout values this past week.

Importantly, the above values and those in the chart below are the HBD/HIVE(VESTS) pending, not Tribe tokens.

And so what do the the top 10 Communities in terms of pending payout look like when totaling the total payout values of content within them since late March last year.


Last April, it is obvious from the chart which Community was the mostly heavily rewarded. 36502 pieces of content (posts and comments) in the GEMS Community received a payout, compared with 6180 items in LeoFinance.

Also, GEMS had/has the backing of three large accounts, although it was stated that they would not curate solely in this community.

The major supporters of GEMS @appreciator, @rocky1 and @upmewhale regularly curate in other communities and at times we are supporting more outside the community. source

Since last April the total rewards have fallen, along with price of Hive, across almost all long-standing Communities with a clear exception, LeoFinance.

We can see from the chart that the total payout value of base layer rewards in the LeoFinance was higher than that of GEMS in January 2021. And so far this month, including or excluding what is pending in the table above, the rewards within the LeoFinance Community are ahead again.

As far as rewarded content in January 2021, GEMS had 25364 items receiving a reward (30.5% less items than April 2020). And in LeoFinance, 63893 content items were rewarded - over 10 times more than in April 2020.

There is likely much more than can be discussed here, but the main take away is that LeoFinance (not including the LEO token currently valued at around 2.49 HIVE!), is currently the most rewarded Community on Hive, in HIVE.



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