I'm kind of not a big fan of staking

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Hello everyone, yet another impromptu post about something that stumbled on my mind as I sit here awaiting my melatonin levels to allow me to fall asleep. In case you weren't aware, I kind of write most of my posts in one go. Some times I leave certain keywords in a small notepad to remind me to pick a topic up to make the post whole and I often also reread my texts before I hit post and for some reason still reread it again after I have posted. Point being I don't take a lot of time into writing and I kind of like it that way. Doesn't mean I don't appreciate those who put a lot more time into their posts, formatting, researching, finding the perfect images to fit into the post, some times original images as well, etc and I do curate it accordingly. I just personally like to get it out and then focus on other things like curating and engaging with the comment section while slowly moving into my other activities within and around Hive.

Okay, before I side-track which is usually the one side-effect of my freewriting let me get to the point of my post. Staking!

When staking? Can I delegate my POSH/GOSH? When passive rewards?

No to most of that, we haven't enabled the staking contract on the POSH token on hive-engine, and it's not just cause that'd cost another 100 BEE tokens (I think), but we didn't see a point in staking inflation. Why should people who stake or potentially lock up their tokens get free rewards compared to those holding them liquid?

I mean, I get why those doing it with Hive should and pretty much deserve, you're doing something with your token other than just collecting staking rewards. Curation and influence on the reward pool, resource credits, vests inflation, etc
and that's all great. There's plenty of proof of stake tokens out there, some have lock up periods, for some it takes very little time to unlock and for other it may be instant but if you're not doing anything special with it such as proof of brain that we have here on Hive or governance voting that some others do have then what is the point really?

There's something to be said about security and I do agree with it in terms of Hive power and powerdowns, but if someone manages to get your keys stolen I think your POSH tokens are the least of your concern. It's nice in that case that you have up to 30 days to recover your keys if you still have the previous ones (to lock the hacker who copied your keys out), and if you're actively delegating stake it gives you a few more days to reset it and not let the hacker off with too much. Though I think this 30 day limit makes a 3 month powerdown a bit unnecessary, maybe we should lower powerdown in a way where it takes 30 days to get out the same amount you can now but then the week after that you can get it all liquid at once? Anyway, I'm kind of side-tracking again.

In regards to POSH we've had some other ideas to introduce rather than staking. Considering we currently send payouts out daily, both in Hive regarding comment rewards from sharers and POSH from delegators and sharers depending on how they do with their tweets. It wouldn't be too difficult to scan people's POSH holdings daily and distribute some kind of "staking" rewards in the future. Not that we're mainly going to care about people's holdings, but I think it'd be time to consider that as well.

We've also been considering doing soulbound NFT's, a feature created by @rishi556 for hive-engine.com that would be a great thing for people who've earned a certain achievement within POSH and that we'd send out some passive rewards that way. Combining a lot of things I think people are going to like the additions to POSH even without the staking feature that many seem to ask about but we always tell them it doesn't exist.

For those who've bothered reading through my ramblings this far, here's a sneak peek at what we're planning on adding towards posh rewards in the near future.

  1. Rewards for holding POSH Pets NFT's, depending on what kind of attributes your NFT has, how many NFT's with rare attributes you have, possibly collaborations with other projects on Hive, there may be "bought back" posh rewards and other tokens to be distributed to NFT holders. This also means that exchanging NFT's between other people makes the rewards change ownership naturally so if you're getting 0.2 POSH daily for your NFT for instance, selling it off will lead to the new owner getting those 0.2 POSH!
    With low trading fees of the NFT's and the price of the NFT minting all going towards the @poshtoken account (none to specific person's personal wallet) we're looking forward to see what kind of demand we'll see behind them.
  2. Soulbound NFT's along with achievements, we're also planning on adding POSH achievements soon, say you have the best tweet of the day or you've collected over 1000 likes on Twitter sharing Hive links, you may earn a soulbound POSH NFT that may get you some passive rewards for life! Soulbound NFT's mean that they can't be traded so they'll be stuck on your account forever, unless you for some reason choose to burn it to get rid of it I guess. :)
  3. Of course we're also very happy with people who've earned POSH rather than those who've bought them only, so if it's not something we're adding towards achievements you can bet that we may add more passive rewards depending on how much POSH you've earned. This is something we wanna do so that people take POSH more serious and think long term rather than trying to cheat their way into more POSH and get themselves banned. So keep in mind that while we appreciate people growing their #web2 accounts in the name of #hive and to increase its reach, we're not going to take too kindly to people focusing on growing their posh earnings through "lazy" methods such as spamming retweets and likes of other people attempting the same. If you're earning a lot of POSH unfairly you're just taking more POSH from other sharers and at the same time taking value from the reward pool once you trade it into Hive, so you both cheat other earners keeping it genuine and in a way steal from the reward pool since a lot of how POSH is funded comes from there.

Anyway, to get back on topic here at the end for a bit. We have feeless transactions on Hive, let's not limit ourselves to staking, I think we're all pretty accustomed to volatility in crypto lately seeing certain coins with massive marketcaps go up by 50-100% in a few days or a week, if something special were to happen with certain Hive tokens once Hive itself gets some more attention, it's just a bummer to lock people out of taking profits or trying to grow their holdings through trading if things like that occur. I think most of us are also quite experienced by now to not just dump anything in our wallets just cause it's liquid or to be blinded by "crazy APR" if you lock tokens up.

Thanks for reading, what's your take on this? Do you like staking of tokens if it's just for the locking up aspect in and of itself (without PoB)? Aside from security concerns do you see any value to it that I don't?

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I believe that staking helps to maintain a more balanced and diversified economy (example pimp, leo, sps, dec, among others.)

Because there are daily trading that the person can "win" in high or low.

And then there's staking, where the person theoretically earns a fixed "percentage" on a variable income, or a "benefit" for believing in the projects he/she is staking, and as it takes a few weeks to redeem/days depending on the project, it brings a security for the market in general.

For example, if all banks had all people wanting to "rescue" their money at the same time, it would probably lead to a financial meltdown.

Congratulations on the great post and reflection!


I think you may have used the worst possible example there, lol.


Thanks for reading, what's your take on this? Do you like staking of tokens if it's just for the locking up aspect in and of itself (without PoB)? Aside from security concerns do you see any value to it that I don't?

I think the way posh and now gosh work is super interesting, leaving them liquid, we have the freedom to choose what to invest in at a given moment. Therefore, not as a way to take advantage, but as a way to receive for sharing someone's cool post, we receive this "remuneration" that also helps us.

About the tokens and the stake, there is always a doubt, what can we do? Put in a pool, sell, swap or stake? Well, there's no shortage of options, but as you asked, sometimes it doesn't make sense, staking just to have a stronger vote and thus greater rewards. OK, but it would really be nice to have some other use, so I prefer tokens that give us some options to do some other out-of-stake action.

The planned news seems to be very interesting, and for sure the community will like it a lot!


Yay! 🤗
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I am not really up for the staking as well.
In the different tokenomics I am designing the last months, non of them has the staking and staking is considered just as an incentive to be done in specific moments, according to other marketing activities.

I see passive staking a mere inflation with no actual or real functionality!

So yes, I totally agree with your perspective and I am a happy receiver of POSH tokens


staking seems to help for sure. If you are active among token tribes then sure that is going to b helpful.
If you are not active then sure you can delegate the tribe token.
I do stake tokens daily if not possible then sure I do try to do that weekly.
Now I am more in concert with my hive power now. trying to build it slowly.
great post as always, good to see your more often.
have a great day and weekend 😃🙏

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One nice thing about timelocks is that it allows accounts to be recovered without incurring losses. I always like the idea of a Power Cooldown where powering down would be like an instant skill in WOW. You can get X% of the money unlocked instantly and then the "skill" goes on CD for a week or whatever. Could even shorten the CD to 1 day.

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but what if someone copies your keys somehow and gets everything you own in 1 day you happened to be on vacation?


Depends on the amount of unlocks required.

I was coming from the angle of Hive with 13 unlocks total over 13 weeks.
Could even do something like 30 unlocks in 30 days.
I think custom timelocks are going to be a thing one day.


I was thinking more about something that both would keep security the way it's now but also shorten the powerdown.

I.e. 1/13th every week for 4 weeks the way it's now.

After 30 days you can't recover your funds anymore anyway with account recovery

So the 5th week of the regular powerdown would instead get you everything/the rest liquid.

so ~7.7% weekly for the first 4 weeks, then the rest ~70% on the 5th week.

If you've already lost it after 30 days it doesn't make a difference than the hacker gets everything all at once past the point of no return.

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This totally makes sense to me. Best of both worlds (speed and security)

One drawback I see is the villain getting richer faster and potentially more powerful faster if they reinvest their loot in Hive. As I'm not sure that ever happened, I'm also not sure that this reluctance is relevant.


Sounds pretty solid to me honestly.

I never thought about bending the mechanics around the 30 day window to recover accounts.
Seems like the way to go.


Actually, that sounds like a good way to go. What does @blocktrades and the other whales think?


This I think is the best suggestion I have seen so far on this topic.


I have always liked the 13 week powerdown as a secuirty feature, and I liked your suggestion that we have the option to pay a penalty to power down faster, but also understand that these two asks are the athithasis of each other. I just think options are important in a free community. We could opt out of this ability to pay a fee for a faster powerdown if we feel it's a security issue, and opt in if it's a sn issue we can live with and are willing to take the risk.

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I'm pretty excited about the new features coming. I can't wait to get a few of the NFTs. I'm sure there will be people using bots to have the best tweet of the day, but I think the team will be able to detect them easily, so no problem ;)

For me, not staking the token is not a problem. On the contrary, I think it's a great feature to be able to buy and sell it whenever you want. Of course, if I get my account stolen, my tokens might get stolen, but my tokens will be the last thing I think about at that moment haha.




What did the grape say when it got stepped on?
Nothing. It just let out a little wine.

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As a newbie, so many things I need to understand about Hive and other technical terms. I need to understand more about what Staking means. :)


Lol been there or rather I am still there 😂😂


hehe, we're in the same boat then.


Loved the NFT ideas 😍 Will that work for GOSH too or just for POSH?? Have you thought on creating a swapping pool between GOSH and POSH??


We'll have to see regarding GOSH :)

Same goes towards pools, that combo could be a good idea!




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Dont worry, I usually side track heavy aswell when free writing... It never tends to stick to just one topic! Laughs I'd start with its a wonderfull day and end with why is it raining 😂😂😂

I kinda like the no staking on POSH and GOSH I upped my delegations for a while to boost the gaining of coins gotta make some of those GOSH tokens


Delegations have gone up quite a bit lately, I even added some from a few accounts. The times of easy delegation POSH rewards are long gone it seems, but at the same time that means there'll be more Hive for buy pressure on the token long term!


Hive made me like staking tokens because I realised here that there are more use cases to staking that the traditional method of earning some crazy APR/APY. For me, staking tokens for the sake of earning more tokens is not an enough incentive to do it. Looking forward to soulbound NFTs :)



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@acidyo is really doing great job. To my understanding, curation is done base on what you've spelt out here: Attractive images, well formatted content, well organized post and other good things that are considered. For me, I agree that sometimes what is deserve of me is what I get on my post. If I wanna reap more it means I must put my effort in my input of content creation which is my focused. Thanks for updating what's going on.


Did you accidentally comment on the wrong post of mine?


Sorry 😔 for missing what I was trying to mean.


Just didn't seem to fit with the topic of this post so wondered if you accidentally replied to the wrong post.


To tell the truth, I have staked stakable tokens in the past without thinking too much about it, simply because it seemed like a better deal. The only currency I have a clear staking purpose is HIVE. I'm just following the long-standing practice of powering up HIVE.

I need to learn more about POSH and GOSH.