Red market is for buying

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Hi everyone,

it was a very busy day today, and I did not have time to check the market and the news, and glad I'm that I didn't.

Why would you ask, as I'm a preacher for mid and long term plans and the biggest fan for patience in investments. Today I wanted to purchase a device for a new project that I've started this summer and where investments are constantly needed.

For this, I wanted to cash out some crypto and exchange them, so that I can pay when it arrives.

Luckily, I did not see the red in the market, as it would have jumped my spending expectation. When I checked it was already late, so disappointed I went home. Arriving home, I've got a good news, that a deal has been closed and that the profit, will cover the new machine, or at least the advance for the leasing.

I know, I know, I'm working with leasing and banks, but sadly, these are necessary evil, as they let me leverage and grow much faster. Productive credit is a good credit for me. You won't see me buying shoes or a TV on credit, because I think it is a waste of money and opportunity.

So, having the deal closed, not that I did not to sell any crypto, I even added a 4 figure stash to my collection, and it is producing now passive dividends. Love that crypto can provide such opportunities. Of course I've bought in a coin that lost over 20% today, with the hope of recovery.

Red markets are for me buying markets. In the bear market, the most opportunities arise. Just follow the good projects that have a potential of recovery.

Did you get the chance to buy today some crypto on sale?

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