Tribes and engagement . Which tribe pays the most for engaging ? 4 Tribe comparison .

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Good morning to everyone , I have been running engagement project for over a month now and I am happy with how it is going so far .

Many of you might already know that engagement is important for any tribe here on Hive .

Today we shall look at 4 tribes - LEO , CTP , SPORTS and STEM to see how many users are getting rewards and how many comments are getting upvoted and how much you can earn on an average engaging with others .

Engagement = Earnings

Note: The data below is for the period - 9th March to 15th March - so the earnings will be from 16th March to 22nd March

Note 2: All the author rewards for comments are considered and posts are removed

Number of comments made vs Number of comments upvoted

Upvoted vs Not upvoted LEO.png

Upvoted vs Not Upvoted CTP(1).png

Upvted vs Not Upvoted STEM.png

Upvoted vs Not Upvoted SPORTS.png

Well in the above 4 CTP and SPORTS tends to do well because 1 in 2 comments gets upvoted in SPORTS and CTP . But if we just consider that it won't be enough , we need to focus on earnings too .

Author rewards comparison

Total author rewards in 7 days790.12839.263336.943833641369.8
Per Comment Average0.1400.641.892942882862.0561828
Per User Average0.8864.036.7383664.9
What does this tell us ?

Total author rewards in 7 days - This is only for comments . So the comments made from 9th March to 15th March got author rewards of 790 LEO , 839 CTP and so on .

Per Comment Average - This tells us what is the average earnings per comment ( which has been upvoted ) , non upvoted comments aren't considered here . It is 0.14 LEO means an average upvote is 0.14 LEO on a comment.

Per User Average - This tells us how much is the average author rewards for comments per User. I might have posted 3 comments , I got upvoted only on 2 so my earnings will be for 2 comments only , so it is better to take Per User Average too .

Author rewards comparison in Hive

Well although the above gives us a picture , to better understand and compare we need to convert those rewards to Hive . I won't bore you with numbers so here are the charts -

Total author rewards when converted to Hive.png

  1. LEO is just in another league here
  2. CTP and SPORTS are almost equal
  3. STEM might seem low but it is not since the number of comments is less in STEM .

Per comment avg in Hive .png

  1. Now this is interesting , total author rewards ( 1st Bar chart ) showed LEO 10x higher than others but here it is 2x higher why ? Because the amount of comments made on LEO is just too much when compared to others so it brings down the average comment earnings a bit but still it is 2x more .

  2. In the 1st chart we saw STEM as just 24 Hive total author rewards but if you see here , it is next to LEO , that means there is a big opportunity for you to earn more Hive ( actually STEM ) if you post from STEM .

  3. STEM and SPORTS are almost equal , CTP is less when compared to other 3 .

Per user avg in Hive.png

If we come to per user earnings , CTP , STEM and SPORTS are almost equal and LEO is 3x more .

Basically if you want to earn rewards , you can hop on to any tribe and engage but the important point is you have to have interest in that tribe , otherwise you won't be able to comment a lot . If you are interested and if you are willing to engage then you can earn a lot by just commenting.

Just keep engaging and put lots of efforts , you will earn the rewards . Be consistent .



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