Community-Oriented Projects Market Themselves

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A twist on my typical style of posting which is more so related to trading: community-focused projects drive quite a lot of attention to themselves over time.

They create an internal hype machine that continually pumps attention, interest and self fulfillment into a project.

Something like BAT - basic attention token - and the Brave browser is a great example of this in action.

BAT is a token that is leveraged as a currency for advertisers, publishers and users on the Brave browser platform.

This token has gained widely more attention over the past couple of weeks as the price has gone up, but it's long-term success will come from the network effect.

The screenshot I shared at the start of this post is a perfect example of internal growth by the BAT community:

If you build something that is community-oriented, then you'll find that your passionate users build cool stuff and basically do the majority of marketing for you.

The real key is creating passion and stirring up interest in a collective vision. BAT is a token project that does that which is why I am a hodler of the token and an active trader of it. There is great potential in BAT and any other project that makes the community their #1 focus.

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