5 LEO Per Day Keeps The Poverty Away

5 days ago
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Yesterday, I started calculating how much LEO I can get in a year if I managed to earn at least 5 LEO a day. Yeah, it doesn't take a lot to do that. It's 365 x 5 = 1825 LEO and with the current price which is $0.15 per LEO it would be 1825 x 0.15 = 273.75 USD in a year.

In my opinion, it's pretty impressive. And by saying 5 LEO a day I was very humble. I know this place can do much more - it's just me who has to show hard work, dedication and consistency!

5 LEO per day is nothing hard if you're consistent and develop a habit of Leo'ing instead of scrolling some useless mainstream social media. You don't even have to create a post every day. It has been proved that engagement is the key to success. Therefore, you can only read posts of other lions or HIVE members and leave your thoughtful feedback in the comment section.

In the last 24 hours, I've earned more than 14 LEO just by making comments alone! Yes, these days have been freer for me because of the covid and shit but it's still manageable. It's interesting to read and engage in conversations. They often lead to new insights and ideas about what to create or where to participate in order to get more out of the blockchain.

Leo Seperator 10.png

So 5 LEO a day is the bare minimum to achieve. Once I've done it in a longer period of time, I'll set the bar higher. Until I become a Lion. I'm excited about this journey and where it will lead all of us. The price of $0.15 per one LEO, in my opinion, is very low. As time goes by and more inventions like logging in with MetaMask comes to Leo, we will definitely see the increase in price.

Remember when WLeo was hacked just a few days ago? I think most of us have already moved past it. It only showed how powerful Leo and HIVE community really is. Nobody gave up and some even used the opportunity to get really cheap coins along the way. I think Leo team will improve WLeo and it's only a matter of time until it goes back to Uniswap. We've seen the tip of the iceberg. Soon it will be time to see what's underneath!

Thank you for reading! Until the next time when we both meet!

If I'm posting too much, tell me and I'll stop for a while. It's just that Leo is addictive and right now I can't get enough!


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