Am I the only one active on LEO Finance? | 1.1k Top pages from SimpleAnalytics

2 days ago
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I was just taking a look on Discord and saw that some of the LEO Finance community members where discussing about some stats provided from Simple Analytics. I went in a hurry, found the Top Page sections and moved on next pages thinking that probably I am way away on that. But I could find my reference @behiver and I refreshed the page and went back on the first page. And to my big surprise...I am in the top pages with 1.1k views. Is that incredible, unrealistic or how could that be...?


Sourced from SimpleAnalytics - LeoFinance

If this doesn't mean to be active on a community, I don't know what else means. I try to post everyday, manually curate and engage with those having common interests and seeking the new content periodically. Great topics, good communication vibes, comments and replies, weekly announcements and improvements, new crypto or stocks information to invest into, just a great ecosystem where anyone should be!

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