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Rabona soccer manager is a game in the making and while the basics are covered, there is still improvement for the economics of it. After a harsh season with trainings day by day and matches all over the place, the championship has ended and my team - Atletico Madrid - succeeded to win it at a good distance of 7 points from the second place.


As a winner the expectation for the HIVE rewards were quite big, but after checking from time to time the transactions from HiveTasks I saw that just about 0.488 HIVE were rewarded for the Championship 1st place. I wasn't expected this little, I had bigger hopes for a season of transfers and hard work from the players and the coach.


Maybe advancing to upper leagues (not sure if this is in place yet or under development) would bring greater rewards, but for now I think that the game can do better in terms of rewarding the champions. Considering that the initial investment in the game was of 31.786 HIVE and that for wining a season I got only 0.488 HIVE that doesn't seem to encouraging, but I think that the game will grow under our eyes. If you look at it just from an investment point of view it doesn't make too much sense at the moment, but if you are for the long run probably it will make more sense. And beside that it is quite fun to play the game, train, pickup the lines and trade on the open market for new players, there are good dynamics in the game.

Reading a little bit more about the rewards system and chatting on the game Discord channel, it seems that "the reward pool per individual reward pool for a league is increasing by a factor of four when going up one league level". Let's see what the new season brings and with what titans we need to measure our forces!


Without football life is worth nothing some would say...

and those passionate for sure should try Rabona.

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