HIVE Power Up and Delegation to @leo.voter | 3,310.505/10,000 (33.10%) target progress from 18-Oct-2020

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My Hive power Up initiative continues and today I am quite grateful to reach a new milestone from the 10,000 HIVE Power target until end of the year 31-Dec-2020 - getting to 3,300 HP. Until I embarked into specific communities I was here and there and from some loyal connections and I think that is happening all along due to poor Hive marketing and instruments to lower the supply and help the price.

hive powerup.jpg

Once I discovered LEO Finance and started posting here on a daily basis I have gained not only LEO tokens, but also HIVE rewards. This way I could progress with both my targets for this year - 10,000 LEO and 10,000 HIVE staked. My LEO staking is about 14%, while the HIVE staking reached today 33%. On the other side I grow my LEO staking much faster than the HIVE and this is due to an active community compared with the never ending sea on HIVE. I just like how the symbiosis from LEO and HIVE happens and to help both of them I will be powering up HIVE and also delegate it to @leo.voter for some better returns.

It is time to redeem some pending rewards and use them to increase my influence. The sources of my gains are:

  • Hive cryptocurrencies games have provide a steady income and I continued to play and earn through Splinterlands, DCity, RisingStar and Rabona, while I have gave up on CryptoBrewMaster considering that it is not worth it anymore. Maybe I will revisit CryptoBrewMaster in the future, but for now the economics are quite poor. Also in Splinterlands while I earn quite a bit of DEC, I will be holding it to purchase Lands in beginning of November.
  • Posts on different communities (most important LEO Finance) brought me both HIVE and second layer tokens like LEO
  • Comments on new posts (just love to curate new content) about Hive Games, Finance and other cryptocurrency related subjects. Sometimes comments rewards were greater than some posts rewards, so this is quite powerful for anyone's economics.
  • I've started moving some of my second layer tokens like SPORTS to dedicated Hive accounts to curate only in those communities, considering that they continue to grow and provide good revenue streams.

My previous Hive powering was about 7 days ago which got me around 3,100 HP and from there on some new Hive Power was gained through the above activities along with APR% and Hive rewards. Some of that and around 100 Hive, I have delegated to @leo.voter.

Today 18-Oct-2020 I have powered up 102.209 HIVE more which got me over the 3,300 milestone and resulted in 3,310.505 HIVE POWER which represent 33.10% from the 10,000 goal. The next bigger threshold for me would be to pass over 4,000 HIVE Power, so it is a longer way ahead but I am confident I will get there.

From this one I will continue my delegation to @leo.voter account which will provide me LEO daily bounties. I will top-up that with another 200 Hive Power to get to 300 Total Hive Power delegated.

The rules on the project I've undertake for posting on LeoFinance community and staking all HIVE are like this:

  • Make 1 or 2 posts daily and be active also commenting and contribution to well established communities.
  • Post about hobbies and items of interest in order to keep the focus – crypto gaming, finance, blockchain technologies, cryptocurrencies, finance or content based on the communities I am part of.
  • Keep posting about the progress and see if the ultimate milestone can be reached until 31-December-2020.
  • Keep playing HIVE games and trade between second layer tokens (never LEO) and HIVE.

Next I just need to keep up with it and make a routine out of it. Stay posted to see if this project will succeed in the given timeline – end of the year 31-December-2020.

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