LEO Finance helped me reach 100 followers by focusing my content to the right audience

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Hive communities are helping us not to get lost in a sea of blogging and concentrate our writing efforts in smaller audiences that share same interests. This way the public of the posts can engage with us, we can find together common ground and grow using the experience that we have here or outside these ecosystems. But what it is clear that our message is broadcasted to the right people!


I've started my Hive journey with a clean slate as I've closed my Steem accounts when Hive was born. I considered this to help me avoid the mistakes of the past and also build something from scratch on a platform where collaboration and interest of the group is put in front of the others. I had a good feeling about this from the beginning, even if I had to start from zero.

From the initials days on Hive, I've begun to discover communities and looked around on few ones, made some writing attempts but didn't found one that would keep me motivating day after day. And this might have been because I didn't found a community that would share my finance and cryptocurrency passion which started in 2017 when everything was booming in this innovative discipline. I saw how something can rise and fall in a blink of an eye, but for some reason I always had trust that this is one stage from the blockchain evolution.

One day I've posted something in Splinterlands and for some reason that I don't know today, I used also the #leo tag. Once I've got the rewards for the post I saw some LEO tokens in my Hive-Engine balance and from that point on I've started reading about the community, about their tools and what they are all about. I didn't start writing right away, but the information about what this community is all about was on my mind.

About one or two months after that and while I had some crazy days at work, I came back to LEO Finance and starting sharing my cryptocurrency experiences, my stocks portfolios and shares that I would follow, my goals in regard to HIVE powerup and LEO staking and other topics alike. I have found support from some great community members and once the LEO price also started to rise, I have seen the power of this platform. Not only that I was earning LEO tokens, but I was earning also HIVE tokens. Sometimes I would get 10$ for a good post either in LEO or in HIVE, so I saw the power of being rewarded with both tokens as these would compensate each other from case to case.


Another effect for my continuous growth and staking of both LEO and HIVE was the followers that I've earned by sharing my content, commenting and being active within the community social media and everywhere I had time or could be involved. And within few months I have reached 100 followers and I consider this to be due to focusing my content to one community. Audience and focus of the topics that I am writing about are very important as this way I could build around me people with common interests or hobbies. And this was organically done, was as a result of my work and being surrounded by people sharing the same interests, I feel integrated and welcomed with each interaction that I make.

Follow your dream and grow your followers base on LEO Finance.

This is the place to be and grow!

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