LEO Finance - My first delegation to @leo.voter

9 days ago
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LEO ecosystem is built with so many mechanism that support it and allow its members to contribute, stake and be rewarded based on their trust given - Mining, Wrapping, Staking, Voting and Delegating. While I got involved myself in most of these activities there still remained few untouched - Wrapping and Delegating. Wrapping LEO on Uniswap probably will not happen for me at this point, but I am sure ready for delegating.


As I have gathered more than 100 HIVE rewards my next move is to power up them and than I will be able to delegate them as well. So first, let's power up!

Now that I have powered up about 118.371 HIVE I can move on with delegating them and my choice for this is for @leo.voter. Why to it? Just because is a curation account on LEO Finance which will performed daily curation within the community and more because it rewards its delegators with daily LEO tokens based of an APR of 16%. That is just sweet considering that there is no work put in it beside to delegate.

This is my first initiative in delegation and probably will continue from here. It will be a passive income with a good return of 16% which is pretty good for doing nothing. And on top of that I am strengthening the @leo.voter curation account which from time to time will probably reward also my posts. So that is just something more I am given and feeling a part of this is quite great.

Delegate to @leo.voter and let's make it a powerful community curator!

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