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LEO Finance community is all about sharing financial and cryptocurrency related information and help its members lift themselves to something better. At least this is how I see it and a lot of members share their experiences, share their failures for others to learn from or bring their vision in the space and encourage the others to open their eyes of what the future may be. In some other words, for me at least, this community is about sharing, thus caring.


At the moment there are influent members which address topics of interest for this community and anybody will find something of use within: stocks analysis, trends and financial information, companies for the future, cryptocurrencies news and evolution or vision where those are going, investment plans and market moves, business opportunities or ways for passive earning. It is a choice for each member if to pull the trigger or not, but the information is here for anyone putting the time to check it out. And one important factor from it all - IT IS FREE! Or at least for the moment because as some members already have established themselves within the community and gained the trust for the shared information, there might be a time when we will need to subscribe to hear their vision and advice.

Fresh content comes to the LEO Finance channels and is presented to the community either with a writer mark or just for everybody to understand it. Questions are answered, comments fire discussions and mindful members get involved in them. This way anyone can form an opinion of its own and if you also have some beliefs, did your diligence on your own, you can cross that with the information from here and take maybe better decisions.

A lot is done here, much information is presented, but there is still place for growth and for members to still write about topics of interest to this space. I want everybody that reads this to think of one way he succeeded to make money in the space or is doing it as we speak and just share it with the community. Don't be afraid if others will be able to earn also or that you might earn less, but just think that you are proving that you care about all members from here and going further you will get the same useful information back. Let's make a community that everybody want to onboard because they will be able to get something more than the other communities are giving.

Let's be a community that makes a difference!

Sharing is caring!

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