LEO Finance - So many ways you can earn LEO on this ecosystem

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LEO is not just LEO Finance blogging website, but it is an entire ecosystem with strong mechanisms put in place which ensure stability and support for the community build around this. One could never have enough or could never get bored from the way you could be earning here as you will see.


Now let's get to business and see how anyone could grow on LEO and what ways he has in doing so. We'll go over the most used instruments to earn LEO tokens and the way to use them.

1.Blogging on LEO Finance - Is the first way to earn LEO tokens based on the upvotes you get from the other members. Not only that, but there is a linear curation model put in place which allows you to earn LEO tokens also from curating others and not only as an author. As an author you get 50% from the rewards, as a curator you get 50% from your upvote power.

2.Commenting on LEO Finance - This is a powerful way to engage the community members and to know great content creators. Beside following them and getting their feeds your interesting comments get upvoted from time to time and you earn author rewards on those as well.

3.Delegating for @leo.voter - This is the LEO curation account and by delegating to it and based on the Hive Power put into it, you are eligible for daily LEO tokens which are delivered to you by @leo.bounties account. This is a strong instrument to support the community and you get 16% APR on the delegated HIVE Power, you can get valuable upvotes from @leo.voter account for your content and you get daily LEO bounties from @leo.bounties account. I consider this a triple strike if you were to ask me.

4.Mining LEOs - This is a great passive income ensured by staking LEOM (LEO Miner) and LEOMM (LEO Mega Miner = 4x LEOM) which mines on an hourly basis LEO tokens and delivers them within your wallet based on the overall contribution and a mathematical formula for finding them.

5.Trading through LeoDex - Either adding more LEO stake in the game or just trading between other secondary layer tokens and HIVE, LeoDex exchange is a good application to do all these operations. You can find also arbitrage opportunities between other exchanges and it is the easiest tool from the HIVE blockchain to go to and exchange fast and easy.

6.Liquidity Providers for wLEO on Uniswap- even if might not be the right moment to put this in the list after the last hack on the pool, it still creates an investment opportunity with bounties for the participants. I am sure things will get back to normal and rewards with over 100% ROI will start pouring again for those that want to get into DeFi and support this project.

If I missing any of the earning capabilities within the LEO comment, just leave a comment on that to enrich the list and make it a one stop for any beginning that wants to come onboard. This will not stop here considering that new applications are developed for LEO and new enhancements are performed in the LEO Finance website, so we might soon have new tools at our disposal to extend the ways we can get involved and earn within or maybe also outside this ecosystem.

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