LEO Finance Top 300 - Breaking another barrier and ranking 290 out of 5956 LEO stakeholders

5 days ago
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I live through breaking targets and one of them was to enter the Top 300 of the LEO tokens stakeholders. As I have reached this by ranking 290 out of 5956 users, I will move next to cross into Top 200, Top 100, Top 50, Top 40, Top 30, Top 20, Top 10 or however much I can grow and position myself. From my previous ranking the key factors that helped me grow were the active posting and commenting with a little help from the Miners and Delegation quota which helped me improve the ranking from 358 to 290 (68 ranks up) while the total LEO stakeholders increased from 5858 to 5956 (98 more accounts).


I understand that at this point I will be able to advance faster into the LEO Finance community middle layer stakeholders, but when I will get close to the peak of the LEO token stakeholders my advancement will be pretty slow or almost impossible. I am aware of this and of the fact that without investing into additional instruments like LEO Mining, LEO trading, buying or Delegation I will not be able to move very much, but I will try to cover all bases to make it up there. In the same time I expect some Uniswap reconciliation to take place, but considering that the action there is with the big players it will not affect me at the moment.


As on the Hive Engine the numbers are scrambled on the LEO Rich List I have used LeoDex to calculate my ranking within the LEO community. The math is like this:

  • Sort the holders list by the "Total" column, descending (first are the Richest in the list)
  • Navigate page by page until I find my place
  • Calculate the ranking considering that there are 50 users displayed per page. Considering that we are on page 6 it means that we have 5 full previous ranges thus 5 X 50 = 250 and with the order on the current page on 40, it gives us in the end Rank 290.

As I previously suggested to the LEO Finance team it would be great to add also a No (#) column on LeoDex which should reflect the order based on the filtering performed (Total column in this case). This way we will be able to track more easier the ranking within the community. At the same time I think that into a future release on LEO Finance we might get a Leaderboard that will probably fit this scope. This would be pretty nice as it brings a little bit of gamification into the equation and we all love to accept a challenge and try to compete against it.

My next target would be to cross into Top 200 and at the moment the threshold is of 2500 LEO which for me it means almost to double my stake - currently I am at 1400 LEO staked and taking into the factor that also the others will grow probably I am realistic about it. Things are starting to get tougher but the victory is much sweet in these conditions. With that in mind I am ready to break another barrier and rank up!

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