LSD - LEO Staking Day | 3,300.339 /10,000 (33.00%) target progress on 22-Nov-2020

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This is LSD and even if you might think of a hallucinogenic drug, it is instead LEO Staking Day. Let's make a # TAG out of it and make our mark with it on the Hive blockchain and with the LEO Finance community. It is a day of happiness, of pleasure, of altered thoughts, feelings, and awareness of one's surroundings thinking on your LEO staking. LSD does not appear to be addictive, although tolerance may occur with use of increasing doses, so you need to stake your LEO each time you can.


LEO Finance projects continue to amaze us and the roadmap and the vision for this community with AI tools and being where the money is, it is a motivation for anyone to be in this space. They just need to discover it and once that happens I'm sure they will love it. Everything is on track at the moment with new web site features launched day after day, wrapped LEO live on Uniswap and other improvements and enhancements all over this ecosystem apps. I feel that there is no better time to continue my challenge to stake LEOs targeting to reach 10,000 LP by end of the year.

Getting back to my activity done within the LEO community, I've continued my daily posting and commenting which is the most time consuming and my focus at the moment. I have different initiatives to expand LEO Finance outside this ecosystem by having a space on Quora dedicated for it, I am present on Discord and try to participate to the community discussions. I post also sometimes about improvements that can be done to the site - for example a gift/tips feature for posts that could give any second layer tokens and also ensure revenue also for posts past 7 days. I am present also on Twitter and Reddit to broadcast new content and bring awareness. Let's see a snapshot before the new staking when my account was holding at 3,017.466 LP.

As I have received the rewards from posts and commenting, I have succeeded to gather 282.873 LEO tokens and my next move was to go ahead and stake them, thus reaching 3,300.339 LEO Power. This proves that anyone that puts the work, persistence, posting, commenting and just being involved in the community can do great things in this ecosystem. This represents at the moment 33.00% from my total goal of 10,000 LEO. The account valuation at this point is of $720.88 having as reference a LEO price of $0.218. In the same time my ranking within the LEO community members improved from 185 to 175 (10 places up), which is motivating me more to continue on the chosen path.

My goal is that once a week to stake more LEO tokens and keep you posted on a regular basis. In the beginning things will move slower, but once my power increases I will be able to earn something more also from curation. I like viewing New posts on the community so that should be my first channel for curation. And so it continues my journey to reaching 10k LEO staked until end of the year...let's see if I can make it!

My objective is staking 10,000 LEO and it is an ambition,

but life without ambitions is … well, aimless wandering.

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