Rise Higher with another LEO staking - 1,637.790 /10,000 (16.37%) target progress on 18-Oct-2020

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LEO projects are coming to life in front of our eyes and improvements continue to make this ecosystem the place to be. LEO Finance and Leo Infra were now embedded and Ethereum users can post on LEO Finance as easy as anyone can on any non crypto sites. The community is strong and gets stronger and it proved that it can deliver. There is no better time for me to continue my challenge to stake LEOs hoping to reach 10,000 LP by end of the year.


Getting back to my activity done within the LEO community, I could say that at the moment I am focusing on bringing content on the platform and engaging with the members around here. My journey didn't start too long ago and there is still much to do around in order to have some stake in the game and in the big picture of all things, so for the moment my efforts are towards staking my LEO rewards. Beside this I am just supporting in posts, Twitter casts and Discord to strengthen the @leofinance witness. Let's see a snapshot before the new staking when my account was holding at 1,416.143 LP.

It passed less than a week from my last power up so it is quite good to see another one happen at this time. As I have received the rewards from posts and commenting, I have succeeded to gather 221.647 LEO tokens and my next move was to go ahead and stake them, thus reaching 1,637.790 LEO Power. This proves that anyone that puts the work, persistence, posting, commenting and just being involved in the community can do great things in this ecosystem. This represents at the moment 16.37% from my total goal of 10,000 LEO. The account valuation at this point is of $261.48 having as reference a LEO price of $0.160. In the same time my ranking within the LEO community members improved from 292 to 276 (16 places up), which is motivating me more to continue on the chosen path.

My goal is that once a week to stake more LEO tokens and keep you posted on a regular basis. In the beginning things will move slower, but once my power increases I will be able to earn something more also from curation. I like viewing New posts on the community so that should be my first channel for curation. And so it continues my journey to reaching 10k LEO staked until end of the year...let's see if I can make it!

My objective is staking 10,000 LEO and it is an ambition,

but life without ambitions is … well, aimless wandering.

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