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If you're in the market to buy coins, then I have some suggestions for you. You should know this is not financial advice but content I'm sharing to shill the coins I'm holding.

There's a big opportunity in the staking scene and you should be looking to capitalize on it. Staking can easily turn to your source of passive income.

In this game, you have to keep your eyes on the sparrow. You have to stay frosty at all times and then hope for some luck as well.

Anyway, when it comes to staking, there are many options on Hive blockchain. Staking on Hive blockchain isn't putting all your eggs in one basket because there are many options with different value proposals.

Staking on Splinterlands

For example, staking DEC/BUSD LP tokens to earn SPS tokens is one form of staking that you can look into.

This approach pretty much ensures that you're earning passive income in multiple streams. One stream is through the airdrop but that's limited and the other stream is through the printing of Cub tokens on Cub finance.

I'm only bringing this back to let people know about the opportunity within the system. You're not too late to participate, so don't worry about that part.

I don't hold any Bitcoin

Honestly, this is probably one of the errors in my way but I don't have any Bitcoin to my name. Multiple sources that I've interacted with have all told me that I'm suppose to have anywhere between 50-90% of my portfolio in Bitcoin.

For the most part, I've thrived without Bitcoin. I mean, there's not been any situation where I had any financial difficulty because of the absence of Bitcoin.

With that said though, when the time comes to move to another country, I'll have to buy a decent amount of Bitcoin. I won't buy it because of its potential but more because it's the universally accepted crypto.

I suspect that for certain places, Bitcoin will be accepted as proof of funds to sustain your stay there. I think it'll be more accepted than even USDT in BSC or ERC-20 wallet.

So the plan is to buy a decent amount of Bitcoin and hold it for three months, as well as keeping the required amount of money in my bank account to hold. This means that our relocation plans will focus on crypto-friendly locations.

Hive is holding steady

Interestingly, Hive has held its ground admirably during the dump. It's still above $0.7 and while that's nice and all, I feel like it should be performing a lot better than it is.

Hive's floor value should be somewhere around $3-4 range but that won't happen until we get more investors into the system.

On the plus side, Hive's scarcity keeps increasing. Different projects have been gobbling up Hive and burning them.

The supply of the coin has dramatically dropped over the years. Generally speaking, reducing supply good and what will make it infinitely better will be when we find a way to increase the demand.

One step, dev work, and marketing campaign at a time, we'll get there. It'll take a while but we can achieve it together.

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