Hilary Clinton is the new anti-crypto voice

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In yet another segment fueled by crypto hate, former secretary general of the united states, Hilary Clinton, has gone on the offensive against crypto.

In a recent interview on MSNBC, she claimed that cryptocurrencies are a threat to the very existence of the Dollar. In her own words, she claimed that cryptocurrencies threaten the dollar as the World reserve currency.

It's amazing she'd put it like that because I've always felt like the dollar is the main threat to the dollar's position as the world reserve currency.

The war against COVID set the ball rolling in a series of printing events that have increased the dollar's supply by many folds. I don't know, but couldn't that be the problem?

Blaming crypto for war?

If I had a dollar for every time a boomer claims that crypto is used to fund war, I'd have been a millionaire by now.

It is the same old gist that's been respawned about how crypto is used to buy weapons, and so that makes it worse. Okay, first of all, isn't that some bull?

It's the same thing I hear in Nigeria all the time about "Bitcoin scams" and I tell you, it always grinds my gears. How is it that someone decided to buy a weapon and you go around to blame crypto?

Ever since I was born, there have been weapons in society and there have been weapon traders. Back then, there were no cryptocurrencies but there were weapon traders.

Not once have I ever heard a politician say "People buy weapons with the dollar, we need to cancel the dollar". Sure, let's blame crypto for weapons trading because it's the cool boomer thing to say.

As if that wasn't ridiculous enough, she went on to mention North Korea, Russia, China and other countries with buzz names that send tingles down the spine of the American public.

She claimed that the aforementioned countries are somehow involved in some market manipulation with the aim of dethroning the dollar. She also claimed that some of the countries are also running Nuclear weapon projects with crypto.

Okay seriously, why does it matter which currency they use to run the Nuclear project? It seems to me like Clinton and all the other politicians, including the Boomerisdent of Nigeria, have their priorities backward.

Even if you take away crypto, there will still be weapon trade, nuclear weapon projects, and all that stuff. How about maybe talk to each other and try not to blow each other up, rather than focus your energy on crypto.

In a weird way, Clinton seemed to have more problems with crypto than she did with actually blowing up her country.

All I'm saying is that if a digital asset that is mined in computers can destabilize your country and economy, then maybe your economy wasn't worth the stress. It deserves to be destabilised.

Politicians don't like competition and evolution, they like wars. Now the war is against crypto and instead of striving to produce something better, they're trying to tear down a solid system that has changed the lives of millions of people worldwide.

It's always about control

Nothing has changed and it probably never will. There will always be someone else in the office that will bring up some anti-crypto sentiment.

It will always be about how crypto was used to fund one thing or the other and then the blame goes to crypto.

They'll never look at things from a different light and see how crypto is an improved value transfer system that enables swift transactions across borders with minimum hassle. Nope, how dare they see something good?

Right now, the only thing stopping most countries from turning crypto holders into outlaws is the fact that big corporations have been getting in on the action. However, sometimes I don't trust big names because they could also be government lapdogs.

Anyway, at the end of the day, the government will do everything it can to regulate crypto. Regulation is a nice way to say control crypto but unfortunately, they can't because if it's not your keys, then it's not your coin and that's probably what grinds their gears.

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You hit the nail on the head: "It's always about control". Old guard politicians like Hilary fear crypto, and yet they don't really understand it, so their inevitable reaction is to try to regulate it. Too bad for them, Bitcoin is decentralized, which is both the thing they most fear, and the reason why they will never really succeed at controlling it.


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The only reason i reckon Clinton is so anti crypto is because she has assets that would benefit from them collapsing.
The old guard mentality is usually shattered quickly when you mention how much money it makes.

1 yr

Funny thing is that most of her "friends" probably uses crypto. Maybe these folks don't like to be regulated themselves.


Markets gone up as soon as she voiced her opinion. I say let her talk.

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She was just trying to use her influence to create a dip so she could scoop up some coins cheap!


Old people always getting scared about what they do not want to learn about and hitherto can't control.


This might sound weird, but I'm actually really happy when I hear shills and corrupt polis talk shit about crypto. It gives me more confidence that crypto is actually a game-changer and not just a pump-dump scheme.

It also means that it's significantly powerful to make a dent in their armour.
TL;DR guess I'm gonna stock up on more cryptos today :)

1 love, Belemo. Keep keeping on!