NFT in traditional gaming, an analogy and the beauty of competition

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The activities of Splinterlands have actually opened up my eyes to a world of possibilities in the NFT space. I've always known the game is awesome but the level of success came as a surprise and what's even crazier is that we've not hit the peak yet.

There's still so much room to grow. It makes me wonder things will explode when traditional gaming platforms start considering NFTs.

Applying blockchain technology to networks will revolutionize the scene and create a more transparent and fair marketplace that empowers users.

Playstation Store Epiphany

Yesterday, while looking for free games to download from the PlayStation Store, I stumbled into a bunch of game-themed merchandise available there. Now, I don't know for sure how that works but I reckon it's kind of like Google play store where devs drop their work and the marketplace host takes their cut.

While I was browsing through the site, I was just thinking to myself how NFTs would have improved the general experience here. I was thinking, imagine if we could actually sell some in-game items and stuff with specific uses in the game.

A quick analogy

  • User finds a health potion for example
  • The health potion will be based on the difficulty the game is being played in
  • Anybody that purchases that health potion from the NFT marketplace can use the health potion in their own game, at the specified level of hardness that it was printed.
  • Naturally, the price of the item is determined by the seller.

This is just an analogy of how it could work. In reality, it's very possible to make it even more robust and to find ways to ensure that the games are still fun.

If something of this nature takes effect in places like Playstation and Xbox marketplace, for example, we'd see insane numbers and value of transactions across the network.

Now, to make things even simpler, let's introduce a token. We'll refer to this token as the PS token and it will be pegged at 1000PS to $1 like DEC was originally supposed to be.

Instead of having a marketplace that could lead to complications, the PS tokens could be treated like Credits in Splinterlands and only minted on demand. Now, all that's left is for users and traders to mint the PS tokens with their credit cards or even other cryptocurrencies, then trade assets in the game.

The competition will come from the value of assets in different games on the marketplace. Eventually, each game developer will make digital collectibles and stuff like that in the game that can be used to redeem PS tokens and stuff like that.

At the end of the day, this will spiral into a huge money-spinning business that will add to the already insane volume that we have in blockchain games. It will also create competition in the industry, thus forcing blockchain games to step up their own games and make even more visually appealing experiences for their users.

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