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There has been relative calm around Hive and hive based products in recent times. Truth is, that's all there is to it, just calm, and judging by speculative efforts I've seen online, it might even just be the calm before the storm.

In this period, Leofinance has also been relatively quiet and the price of the token has experienced considerable retraction. I got so used to being around $1 and above that, I forgot there are values below that range.

Seeing as the price dropped, I resumed staking, after weeks of taking a profit. How I see it, when the value drops, it is time to pile up. I set an updated target of 1500 Leo power before the end of the month and that will be achieved through post rewards and earnings from liquidity farming reward on Cubfinance.

Adding liquidity

The APR has dropped considerably from the insane numbers we had during the early weeks but that hasn't deterred me in any way. In fact, I've been more motivated than ever and have even taken steps to improve my position.

My recent move saw me adding more liquidity in the lucrative Cub/BUSD pool. I got my hands on some USDT through the sale of Vite and then sent it over to Binance smart chain wallet for swapping and pooling.

Fixing my life

It's not much but at the time of writing, it is at least close to the value of my Hive account. I intend to hold this position for a while. One of my short-term goals is sorting out my wedding expenses.

I'm very confident I'll be able to handle that part. we've already sorted out most parts of the arrangement and since it is a family affair, we're going to receive financial backing from our families to cover aspects of the occasion.

Afterwards, it is family life for me and I'll be heavily reliant on my savings through the liquidity pool to cover certain expenses I intend to go into.

It's nothing extravagant but it is a very big deal for us. When we're done with the wedding, I'll talk about these plans and more to come from us. However, what I can say for sure is that there are exciting and possibly daunting times ahead, but I'm sure we'll come out of it as better people.

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