Splinternomics: are you buying packs or monsters?

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Since the Liquidity thingy, DEC has seen a substantial pump in the value. Thanks to the situation, I've been doing a lot of stacking lately and since I'm focusing my attention on second-layer tokens that can be used for aggressive curation, I have been using ranked battles to accumulate.


I've been doing a small comparison between the benefit of buying packs in-game(Dice or Untamed), as against spending the same amount on a card and here's what I found.

Dicey Situation

Let's start with Dice since it is the most expensive pack. One dice costs 3000 DEC flat, however, depending on the rank of your guild, you will get a discount. However, for this situation, let's assume it is 3K DEC. The opening of a pack is like rolling a dice, and you never know what you'll get but for the sake of this post, let's say you get one rare summoner and a bunch of commons(without using potions). Cost of earning= $0.71-0.8 range.

At the current price of DEC, 3k DEC is around 15 hive and at 15cents per hive, that's like $2.25. Well, you can't buy any Legendary dice monster with that amount; the cheapest legendary dice monster is Caladuum and that one is around $3.2. However, with that amount, here are some legendary untamed monsters you can buy;

Vigilator: $2.3


Dragon Jumper: $2.28


Magnor: $2.05


Untamed problem

Untamed packs cost 2k DEC flat, and at the current price of DEC, that amounts to roughly 10 hive, which is about $1.5. Just like Dices, it is a random event and you have to be really lucky to get legendary monsters in one go.

In reality, opening an untamed pack without potions generally gives you rewards in the $0.3-0.5 range. Only in rarities do you actually get a legendary card. Sp, that means you spend $1.5 for those cheap cards? Here are some monsters you can buy with $1.5;

Gloridax Magus: $1.45


Diamond Dragon: $1.4


So, again I ask, is it worth it? With the price of DEC so high, the only way that buying packs can be justified, is if there's wicked inflation in the general price of monsters.

The Counter

The counter for this view is that, well, Gold foils could be in the packs. The odds of getting one gold foiled legendary or epic are slim, I think it is like 1/40 packs opened for Legendary and 1/30 range for epic gf.

Assuming you buy 40 packs at 80k DEC, that is around 400hive, which translates to $60 range. You could theoretically get you some gems. Here are the prices of some legendary Gold Foils;

Magnor: $99


Scale Doctor: $60


Chain Golem: $49


For Dice Packs

With the same calculation, you will spend 120k DEC for 40 dice packs, which amounts to 625 hive or $94 range. Here are the golf foil legendaries you could find

Lens Master: $298


Kralus: $58


Caladuum: $50


In Summary

It is up to you to decide how you want to go about it. Personally, I'm leaning towards buying individual monsters, rather than buying packs because of the random nature of it. There's actually no assurance that opening 40 packs with or without potions will earn you a gold foil legendary or epic.

At the current price of DEC, I think it is better to buy individual monsters than to spend on packs. In fact, the only reason why anyone should be buying pacls right now, is if you want to increase your chance of benefitting from the airdrop.

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