The Community Aspect Of Business

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The Community Aspect Of Business

There was once a time when I worked a full time job, in fact I worked two at the same time grinding away. Waking up off to work getting home and sleeping and repeating it again. (I still wonder to this day why I bothered even renting an apartment with how little I was even in the thing lol) From there I grew a new business and over the last 20 years built a strong business which I'm proud of in marketing, marketing automation, funnels, lead generation, marketing strategist and more. One of the things you'll learn about me quickly is that I love to constantly be learning new things but also applying those things as it's the best method of learning.

Why did I just spit out that entire backstory?

Well for one so you can see I might not be all the different from you and our stories might line up some. But mostly so you can see what I talk about in the rest of this article is from 20 years of trial and error and experience.

Community It's The Single Most Important thing

Hive was pretty awesome but it was a mess of random stories, ideas, interests and more. It wasn't until Hive-Engine released Tribes and second layer tokens/communities/tribes that things really started to take off.

This is because we saw the spawn on communities. Communities are an awesome an powerful tool in business as it gives you the ability to connect with like minded people with like minded interests. This is kind of like Targeted Marketing in which we now have platforms of where we can talk about sports for those interested in sports, talk about finances if stocks/investing etc are your cup of tea or even talk about the massive growth and fun of playing the NFT game here on HIVE called Splinterlands

This ability to connect and create a community around a topic is POWERFUL make no mistake about it.

Why are communities important?

I'm going to run of a list of all the powerful reasons why communities are powerful and then list a few of the communities/tribes here on Hive which you can take a part in today.

  1. The ability to use every existing members who create content on that platform to promote it and share it across other networks. This starts to filter people from outside socials networks, vidoes etc into the new community and build it over time with great ways of communication.

  2. These members are your free marketing source. Word of mouth spreads fast and online it spreads even faster. You're greatest asset is your members and if they love what you're doing and the community there they will invite others over and grow it even larger.

  3. They will go to battle for you! Treat your community right and they will take care of you defending you, promoting you and battling it out with any negative people.

The Hive Communities

There are more communities than just the ones Listed below but this gives you a good idea of where to start and explore to connect with others who have the same interests as you.

LeoFinance - A community all about investing, defi, stocks, crypto and business.

Splintertalk - Love Splinterlands than this community is for you. Make your arts shine here, share your battle and battle tactics and share your wealth and rewards with others. This community is all about Splinterlands the single largest crypto game on Hive.

ProofOfBrain This started out as a fresh new community that really brought the proofofbrain aspect into reality with some bitcoin mixed into it. In general though it's just a general all goes community but the value on the token is decent which keeps it living strong at the moment.

CineTV - Enjoy TV, shows, series and movies? This site has it all and the community to back it. Share reviews on shows and movies and have chats and thoughts about episodes and more.

StemGeeks - Enjoy the more technical side of things? StemGeeks is the community for you.

CTPTalk - Building a business takes a ton of work, time and dedication. Having a place to share and ask questions about growing a business can happen here! It's also great for those who live the self employed lifestyle. - More of a general all goes community however it also has a tight nit community which has made this one of the strongest communities on the hive block chain.

Sportstalksocial - Anything and everything sports!

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