+55,000 Sports Staked. Keep On Moving.

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Since the update by @patrickulrich and seeing many good news flying around of the possible new changes that might come to Sportstalk, staking of Sports Power is flying up everywhere and it's showing that those who are on this table might miss out of the big thing. I am staking as well, I don't want to be left behind in this race.

The reason to stake are many, first is the curation reward and the second is the ability to curate good sports content writers by giving them earning for there proof-of-brain. You also get to set a higher standard for the platfrom by staking because it has an effect on the amount of votes given.

So here I am staking up too, to the tune of +55,000 sports. I don't think I want to be left out of this in any way.


My challenge right now is getting the best out of my sports staked. Getting to know more and more authors, joining hands with those policing the platform against abuse and raping the reward pool. Seeking to start more sports related project on sports.

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