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"With great power comes great responsibility". I am sure many of you have heard that quote before. Made most famous by Spider Man, the history of that quote or some variation of it is actually much older.

It was the first thing I thought of this morning when the idea for this post started to form.

Aside from NFTs and DeFi one of the other buzz words that has been kicking around the crypto sphere for a couple year now is DAC or DAO.

It seems like everyone and their brother is coming out with some version of a Decentralized Autonomous Community or Organization concept these days.

Splinterlands is probably the most recent and relevant given the tokens just started flowing a day or two ago.

While at the heart, I think that these concepts are a good thing, part of me feels like we aren't quite ready for the responsibility yet.

The way I understand it, the community would be responsible for the direction that the project takes moving forward. Changes, updates, etc will all be vote on by the governance model put in place utilizing the SPS (Splintershards) tokens. While in theory I totally agree this is a good thing, human nature in general has me a bit on edge.

The recent DeFi run and the copious amounts of rug pulls have proven to us time and again that many people are only in this for good old number one.

While we may have the most noble of hopes and ambitions for a project, there is no guarantee the next individual or group of individuals with a higher stake than you does.


I spent a good deal of time contemplating this morning if DAO/C's can really be effective when the greed game in this space is so insanely high.

Have you heard that saying about one bad apple spoiling the whole bunch? It is unfortunate, but very valid.

Don't get me wrong, I think DAO's and DAC's are here to stay, it is a model that just makes sense as we travel this blockchain road together.

However, I think we all need to take a step back and ask ourselves if we are really ready for all of this. Are we ready for the responsibility that this whole thing entails? For those of us here on Hive, it might not be that big of a leap. We are already pretty familiar with many aspects of the model via what we have here.

Others, may have a bit more soul searching to decide if they are truly ready for guiding or having a say in the future of whatever project it is they are involved in.

What do you think? Are DAO's and DAC's something we are really ready for? Do they remind you of those super cool games you always wanted to play as a kid but the age limit was 12 to adult and you were sitting squarely at 8 years old?

They are coming, and they are here, so what do you think we need to do to get ready for them?


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