Announcing The Brofund Witness for Hive

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Straight to the point: If you agree with, or like the idea of us being a hive witness then please show your approval here: and search for @brofund

Thanks to @moounit for this rather rudimentary drawing, but it helps the visuals of adding us:


As far as I understand it, then witnesses are not just block verifiers, but they are integral parts of the hive community, hell bent on making it better for everyone. I think the @brofund has this vision, and why we have set up a witness node.

What are we doing to make the community a better, and more fun place?

Hive's first dividend token

Brofund created Hive's very first dividend token that paved the way for many more intuitive tokens to come in and start paying their community & holders dividends. You buy our token and in return you receive lots of other little payouts from various places in return.

BRO was the first of its kind that wasn't a complete scam. I've always loved tokens that paid out dividends, sadly, every single one I've been in have been a quick exit from the developers. So I created our own. Thankfully hive-engine's unique coin miners made this possible.


Another completely unique yet awesomely fun to participate in DeFi project. Brofund launched hive's first (and only) DeFi system where you can delegate in your hive engine tribe tokens for a slice of the BRO pie. Yup, delegate tribe tokens to earn BRO. This was very well received by the community and remains a well used project.


Brofund launched it's very own movies and TV tribe where users can come in and take part in the discussion. The tribe front end is being worked upon as we speak and will be completely different to the functions we have now. I have a lot planned for this tribe so watch this place.

We support growth

Along with @spinvest, we are Hive's very first venture capital duo where we essentially fund tribes off the ground in exchange for their tokens. We are @houseoftribes

And lots more to come

If you think I'm going to sit here and relax after creating all this then you are sorely mistaken. We will build, invest, and grow!

At the @brofund we are hive maximalists - so give us a vote :)

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