Actifit App - Earn Crypto by Tracking & Sharing Your Workouts!

14 days ago
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If you've seen my HIVE account, then you've surely seen my workout posts aggregated there through the Actifit app.

Actifit is a cool app available for Android and iOS that posts directly to HIVE and allows you to journal and keep track of your daily steps, as well as your different exercise activities.

In addition to the workout tracking, you actually earn crypto in the form of AFIT tokens as well as HIVE, since all the Actifit posts aggregate to HIVE.

HIVE can easily be staked as HIVE Power or can be easily sold and traded for BTC, ETH, and several other cryptos by using the Blocktrades exchange within the HIVE wallet.

Now, let's get setup!

Getting setup with Actifit is very easy.

  1. First, you'll need a HIVE account to post to. Once signed up with HIVE, you can use your HIVE Private Posting Key to login to Actifit.

  2. Second, download the Actifit app from Google Play or the Apple App Store and use your HIVE Private Posting Key to login.

  3. Third, to track your daily steps, all you have to do is open the Actifit app that day.

  4. Finally, to share your post, click 'Send Post' at the bottom of the main page and then you will be able to fill out your post.

Here you can select which day you're posted about, today or yesterday, the Activity Type (such as walking, weightlifting, basketball, etc), track measurements if you want, add in post tags, add an image, and also describe your daily activity.

Finally, click Send Post at the top right corner of the app, and your post will automatically be posted to HIVE! On HIVE, users get upvoted for sharing great and original content.

Any crypto you receive here will be unlocked and rewarded to your wallet in 7 days from the time of posting.

Lately I've been using Actifit to keep track of my multiple calisthenics workouts throughout the week. I also like to snap a pic each day and include that with my workout report to capture my energy that day!

It's been fun to keep track of my workouts and my progress while also gaining some crypto on the side, it's just another benefit of sticking to a routine and creating solid and healthy habits!

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