Coinbase Will Pay You To Learn DeFi

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To help promote their dApp and DeFi enabled crypto wallet, Coinbase is giving away $10 worth of free COMP tokens to users who setup the wallet and connect it to their Coinbase account.

If you haven't earned COMP on Coinbase yet, you may be eligible to earn even more than $10.

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Navigate to the Earn section on Coinbase and you'll hopefully see the opportunity to earn Compound.

This newest addition to the Coinbase Earn program is the "Use Compound with Coinbase Wallet" tutorial, which offers $10 COMP by completing it.

Here you'll be able to set up a wallet or login with your current Coinbase wallet.

I created a new wallet, so great job Coinbase, your marketing works!

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After setting up your wallet, you'll connect it to Coinbase.

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This is awesome! Coinbase is teaching us how to DeFi, all within their Earn program.


I love free crypto. Let me repeat. I love free crypto.

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I thought I was getting $10 of COMP, but you guys are sending me some ETH and USDC too? I love it!
Next step is to supply the USDC to Compound to begin earning interest.

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Screen Shot 20201015 at 3.01.42 PM.png

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Wow, and like that, we're supplying some USDC to Compound, and are awarded with $10 in free COMP tokens too.

I love the Coinbase Earn programs. Although I rarely purchase crypto on Coinbase now that I use the CryptoCom card, I see Coinbase as a great off ramp if you ever want to sell crypto for fiat and deposit it into your bank.

The Earn programs are awesome too, and really help bring crypto projects to a wider range of people.

Coinbase was my first crypto exchange and payment gateway, and I'm glad to have seen them grow and offer some awesome programs like this.

You can get your $10 of COMP here on Coinbase!

Thanks for reading, and I hope this post helps you on your crypto journey!

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