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We live in an amazing era where we can take advantage of some new platforms and apps which give us Bitcoin back on our retail and online purchases.

Today we'll be looking at all the possible restaurants we can shop at, and how to get free Bitcoin cash back rewards from doing so.

To make this happen, we'll use up to 3 different platforms, Fold, PEI, and Lolli.

Let's start with Fold, which offers the most expansive list of restaurants.

Fold is a mobile phone app that offers Bitcoin cash back by purchasing gift cards which can be used online and in person.

So to earn Bitcoin, simply purchase a gift card from the mobile app and use it in the store. I do this every single time I shop at one of these stores, as I can quickly load up the app, make my gift card purchase, and receive free Bitcoin just for doing so.

Here's the current list of restaurants you can buy gift cards for from the Fold app, along with their cash back percentages:

Bahama Breeze - 3%

Bonefish Grill - 3%

Burger King - 1.50%

Carabba's Italian Grill - 3%

Chili's - 3%

Chipotle - 2%

Domino's Pizza - 3%

Dunkin Donuts - 1%

Longhorn Steakhouse - 3%

Maggiano's Little Italy - 3%

Olive Garden - 3%

On The Border - 3%

Outback Steakhouse - 3%

Panera Bread - 3%

Papa John's - 2.50%

Seasons 52 - 3%

Starbucks - 1%

Taco Bell - 1.50%

The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf - 3%

That's a wide variety! I certainly feel that Fold has the best opportunity in this cash back space, but PEI is another app which gives you cash back.

To use PEI, you simply have to link your card (done securely using Plaid), and then you will automatically receive cash back in your app when shopping at approved merchants.

This is a bit easier than using Fold, since the extra steps of purchasing gift cards don't need to happen, but unfortunately PEI doesn't have a wide of a variety of retailers as Fold.

Here's the current list of restaurants which you'll receive cash back for from the PEI app, along with their cash back percentages:

Bean Works Coffee & Tea - 10%

Chipotle - 1.20%

Chik-Fil-A - 1%

Dunkin' Donuts - 1.50%

Iconic Kitchen & Drinks - 10%

McDonald's - 1%

Panda Express - 1.50%

Sonic Drive-In - 1%

Snookie's Cookies - Online - 18%

Starbucks - 1%

Subway - 1%

Taco Bell - 1%

Nice! That adds several more options to choose from.

To complete this list, it's worth noting that Lolli, a browser plugin mainly for online shopping, now offers bitcoin cash back on purchases, meaning you can order food from the comfort of your own home and gain some free bitcoin as cash back!

Postmates - 0.000211 Bitcoin Back

(Lolli states 'First time Postmates users will get $18 in bitcoin back, all orders will be rewarded $2.25 bitcoin back)

Between Fold, PEI, and Lolli, we see that we have dozens of options to gain some free bitcoin at nearby restaurants.

Not only that, but these 3 apps/platforms allow us to earn cash back at all kinds of other stores, not just restaurants! So keep your eyes on the lookout for more locations to earn free bitcoin back, and stack those sats!

Thanks for reading, and I hope this post helps you on your crypto journey!

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