Earn Crypto Every Day by Watching Videos on LBRY

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Earning crypto! I always love it, especially when I don't have to do much extra work.

In the case of LBRY, a decentralized content hosting protocol built on blockchain, I end up watching many of my favorite crypto vloggers who cross promote from YouTube to LBRY, and I receive free LBC tokens every day that I sign in and watch.

It's really that simple!

Here's the LBRY.tv homepage:

As you can see, a nice option compared to YouTube.

Here on LBRY, content will never be removed or demonetized. Compare that to centralized YouTube, which is known for censoring and demonetizing content it doesn't approve of.

On LBRY, content creators have an option to transfer over and copy their YouTube channels to LBRY, which means you can watch a lot of popular YouTubers (especially within the crypto space) on LBRY and receive some daily LBC tokens for doing so.

If we click on the little person icon up top, we can see a drop down menu appear.

Let's click 'Rewards' to show you the different ways to earn LBC on LBRY.

As you can see, there are multiple ways to earn LBC, but the most common and sure-fire daily way is to view at least one video once a day.

Let's zoom into the Daily Watch Reward:

Here we can see that every day we watch or view any content at all, we will earn anywhere from 0.5 - 50 LBC.

In addition to watching content everyday and receiving the Daily Watch Reward, we can also earn LBC by posting content and gaining views, gaining followers, syncing a YouTube channel, inviting others, and also reaching specific amounts of total views.

It's really that simple!

If you're ready to start earning free crypto on LBRY, click here to sign up and start earning right now!

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