Earn $6 of Free MKR on Coinbase

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I absolutely love logging into Coinbase and seeing that there's a new coin or token that I'm able to learn about and earn with their Earn Rewards program.

Today is one of those days, as Maker is now available to receive for free, just by simply watching a few videos and learning about this digital asset.

What is MKR?

Maker (ticker: MKR), the native token of MakerDAO, a decentralized organization that uses the defi Maker protocol to allow anyone to borrow funds using crypto as collateral using two tokens, MKR and DAI.

The MKR token helps regulate the price of the DAI stablecoin to stay as close to $1 USD as possible, and also allows token holders to vote on proposals, changes, and upgrades. Proposals for MakerDAO can be found at http://forum.makerdao.com, and each token is worth one proposal vote.

How to Earn MKR?

After logging into Coinbase, navigate to "Earn Rewards" at the top of the navigational bar.

Here you'll see any digital assets you can earn, and to start earning, simply start watching the videos.

(Not everyone will have the same options for what they can earn. This may be a regional thing, but try it out and let me know which if Maker or any other digital assets are available for you to earn)

So now that we're on Coinbase Rewards, let's click on 'What is MakerDao?' to watch the first video and earn $2 worth of MKR.

Watch the video and answer the quiz questions correctly:

And voila, you've earned $2 worth of MKR! Now complete the other two videos to earn up to $6 worth of MKR.

Watch all the videos and answer the questions right, and you'll instantly receive some MKR in your Coinbase account.

You're free to HODL (hold on for dear life! i.e. invest and hold for the long term), withdraw, or trade your MKR. Enjoy!

You may also be able to earn XLM or EOS as well through their Earn program. Try it out and let me know what tokens you've been able to earn on Coinbase!

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