Fold To Release World's First Bitcoin Rewards Card October 9th!

11 days ago
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Fold, a popular app that offers gift cards for sale which give you bitcoin cash back, is releasing their bitcoin cash back card on October 9th!

According to their website, this card will bring bitcoin cash back rewards with every single purchase, as well as helps keep your privacy and personal data safe.

As an active user of their app, I've already earned over a bit of bitcoin with Fold, so I'm really excited to try out this card and stack those sats!

To get the card, you must first get on the waiting list, which you can do here by signing up for Fold!

The sooner you do, the sooner you'll be notified to be able to get the card once it's released!

I'm looking forward to getting the card as soon as I can, and I'll definitely update my blog here once I get my hands on one.

Much love, and I hope this helps you on your crypto journey!

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