Full Tutorial: How to Deposit Crypto Assets to Crypto.com Earn

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Earn by Crypto.com is an option within their app to Earn interest on your crypto by transferring your assets from your main crypto wallet to the Earn wallet. Today we'll easily show how to add your crypto into Earn.

1 - After logging into your Crypto.com, click on Accounts at the bottom of the screen, and you'll now see all of your wallet accounts.

2 - Click on Crypto Earn, and you'll see the Earn page pop up. You'll see your total balance, as well as any assets you have in Earn.

3 - To add crypto, click the plus sign at the top right corner

4 - Next, select the crypto asset you want to add into Earn. Most assets Crypto.com lists in the app are supported, such as Bitcoin, ETH, XRP, LINK, BAT, CRO & stablecoins such as USDC, TrueUSD, TrueGBP & others.

I will be selecting BTC for this example.

(Note: Most deposits into Crypto Earn require a minimum of around $250 worth of the asset.)

5 - Select your asset and the Term you want then click continue. Crypto.com offers 3 different terms: Flexible, 1 Month Term, and 3 Month Term.

Flexible means you can withdraw your crypto at any time. Another tip here is that although you have to add in at least $250 worth of crypto, you can withdraw smaller percentages out of the Earn wallet and leave the rest building interest. I.e. I can deposit .250 BTC and remove .05, thus leaving .2 BTC in Earn building interest.

1 Month Term means your crypto will be locked up and unable to be transferred for 1 month. Because of this, you do get higher interest than the flexible plan.

3 Month Term also means your crypto is locked up, but with this term it's for 3 months. Again, the interest will be higher, but you won't be able to move your crypto.

For this example, I am choosing a Flexible plan.

Check all 3 boxes to accept the Crypto Earn Terms and click continue.

6 - Determine the amount you want to add into Earn. It will NOT be set at the maximum amount of crypto you have in your wallet, only the minimum required. If you want to add your full balance, you must click on the amount and then click Max underneath the blue Deposit button.

The amount will automatically be the lowest necessary to add into Earn.

If you'd like to add more, change the number or click Max underneath the blue Deposit button.

7 - Next, review the info and then click Confirm at the bottom.

8 - And finally, enter in your password to approve the transfer.

And there you go, deposit complete!

You'll now see your crypto in the Earn Wallet, and you're now earning interest every week!

Thanks for viewing and I hope this tutorial helps you in your crypto journey.
What other questions do you have when using and transacting with crypto? What tutorials would you like to see?

Thanks and much love

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