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The Visa card from is a great way to earn cash back in the form of crypto, specifically the CRO token. I use this card as my primary checking account at this point, and have maximized the amount of CRO I earn from cash back by doing so. Read on for some very helpful tips on what I've learned!So how much cash back are you getting? Depending on the amount of CRO you stake determines which card and how much cash back you'll receive from each transaction.

I have the Ruby Red card which offers 2% cash back, and today I'll be sharing ways to maximize our cash back earnings with this card.

1) Liquidity

The most important part of this equation is liquidity, meaning you have enough money on the card to be able to make all of your transactions. By opening up an account for this card, you'll not only have a new debit card, but a new checking account as well. So it's important you send your money into this account so that you can use the card at every opportunity.

To add money to the card, you need to send an ACH transfer from a supporting bank (I actually opened up a new bank account that offers free ACH transfers for this reason).

Once the bank transfer has been received and money is available within your Fiat Wallet in the app, navigate to the Card tab and click 'Top Up' to load your card with more money.

Having enough money on the card for your bills and expenses requires a mix of topping the card up, while also remembering to consistently send money from your other bank to pre-load this card.

It takes a little bit of time and momentum to get it all sorted out, but once you create a flow of keeping your card topped up, you'll be able to maximize your CRO cash back earnings.

2) Add Every Bill, Subscription and Automated Payment to the Card

The card can be used in person at retail locations, or anywhere online VISA is accepted.

So the next key way to maximize your earnings is to go through all of your billed accounts and transfer the payment and billing onto the card.

This can be a little time consuming but is totally worth it.

Although I've had the card for over 3 months, there were a couple subscriptions that I use that I had missed from adding to this card. I'm totally up to date now (I think!) which means all of those payments will be automatically paid on my card and will generate 2% cash back in CRO tokens.

As I'm typing this article I had an automatic payment come through for one of my website bills. It's nice to automatically get 2%!

This is another reason why it's important to keep a large enough balance to process any of these transactions that come up.

3) Don't Leave the Card at Home! Keep it With You!

Oh I've totally done this. I've been out to eat and the bill is $40, and I go for my wallet only to find 😮 my normal bank debit card. I left my card at home, which means no cashback today B 😞

"That would've been 0.80 cents cash back! It all adds up, but oh well, I'll learn next time."

And that's what I've done! I keep my card with me all the time now, and make sure I have it by keeping it in my phone case. This means that even if forget to bring my wallet, I still have my card with me since I 100% always have my phone with me.

This is a very simple one but can be something to remember at first, especially as the card and the process is new.

4) Stack Card Purchases With Fold

If you haven't heard of Fold, it's an app that sells gift cards and pays you cash back in Bitcoin. I've used the app to earn over $25 worth of Bitcoin so far from buying gift cards to places I frequent a lot such as, Chipotle, Starbucks, and Lowes.

These gift cards work online and in person, so looking at our expenses and habits and seeing if we shop at any of the supported stores will result in more free crypto.

We can stack the cash back by paying for the gift cards using our card. This means if an Chipotle gift card pays us 2% cash back on Fold, we ALSO get our 2% cash back rewards from the card.

Double cash back baby! Gotta love it :)

Buying a $10 Chipotle Gift Card from Fold earned me 1,907 satoshis

And by using the card, I also earned 1.30242844 CRO

By looking through Fold and seeing if there are any stores you frequent, you can easily maximize your cash back bonuses.

If you haven't signed up for Fold yet, here's 20,000 free satoshis!

5) Stake More CRO Get More CRO

Although I haven't upgraded from the Ruby Red card, this is definitely worth noting. You can save up your CRO tokens and reinvest them back into an upgraded card to receive even more cash back. If I save up 10,000 CRO I can upgrade to receive 3% CRO cash back. This is 100% a decision up to you and depends on your goals.

I personally trade my CRO for BTC, but if you are saving CRO and are a long term holder, then saving up for a higher cash back percentage cash is a good option.

6) Tell People About the Card When They Ask! offers a $50 sign on bonus for new customers who sign up and stake at least 1000 CRO, as well as for the current customer referring them.

That means, if you're out and about and are purchasing something locally, and someone asks you about your cool heavy metal card, tell them about it! If they decide to get a card as well, you'll both receive $50 USD worth of CRO tokens credited to your accounts.

Not only will you be sharing the good fortune, but you'll be sharing the use of cryptocurrencies!

In Conclusion

You're now ready to go out there and gain some cash back from all your purchases! What an awesome way of getting some value out of a system which usually never pays us a dime for helping the banks make money off of our money.

To sum it up, set up your sending bank and get used to transferring money to the card, add all subscriptions and automatic bills, carry it with you and use it everywhere you go, and tell others about it when they ask!

Thanks for reading, and I hope this guide helps you grow your crypto portfolio.

If you're thinking about getting a card, all you need is 1000 CRO to get the Ruby Red VISA card which gives you 2% cashback. Highly recommended!

Use this link and we'll both get a $50 bonus when you sign up with referral code "8dq3bjxe8d"

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