Am I Making A Mistake With My Splinterlands Rental Cards?

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So if you follow me or read any of my posts at all you know that I bought some starter packs when steemmonster came out and I never played. Well, until a month ago. I have about 100 or so Alpha Cards in my collection. And while I feel like I missed out, I'm still pretty lucky to be around $2200 in value at today's prices.

But I'm new to gameplay and when I started I couldnt understand why the game gave me free cards to play with. I get it now, but for example, I am playing with my Alpha Arlic and the game gives me a free one.

I am trying my hand at renting out my duplicate cards and earn a little DEC daily for my trouble. Ive realized that renting out my cards reduces my collection power during my season but I am so bad at Splinterlands I really don't think I can battle my way out of Bronze II or Bronze I at the highest.

So I'm wondering if I should be playing with any of my Alpha cards or should I just rent them out and play the free ones during this price hike. I figured out that the only 2 cards that I play that aren't free ones are the Ant Miner and Shadowy Presence. Both are reward cards and if I keep those I could realistically slide by on the free cards and rent all my alphas.

When I battle I never make more than 1 DEC per battle and I think I get around 40 to 60 DEC a day renting my additional cards putting me at nearly 200 a day on the rental market. When you stink at play and don't have cash to buy cards, thats pretty good daily DEC. I think the additional rental income would be more than I could possibly play each day.

It feels weird to not play with my own cards and I rarely choose the right methods for earning so there are probably holes in my logic. So what do you think? Am I making a mistake not renting out all my alpha cards? Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

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