AskTheHive : Where Do We Go For Engagement?

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Yesterday I posed a question to the Hive community and received no comments. In a nutshell I wanted to know how to sell some HBD for Dollars and I knew the time to do so at $1 was very limited.

I expected very few responses but I hoped that someone was out there reading and could guide. I have been facing the same crickets on steem for just about 3 years and now on hive.

I do see a group of people who get some nice votes and comments and I wonder where that comes from. I'm no rookie and I have consulted many social media platforms regarding growth and user retention.

Steem was a notorious good ole boys network and I'm wondering how to find engagement and support on Hive. Am I just missing something or is Hive another lonely pursuit. If so, I'd expect Hive to fail as a content platform and it will have to evolve to provide another utility to gain critical mass.

I still have very high hopes for Hive but my expectations are quite low for now. Please change my mind in the comments. I'd like to learn more about the future plans.

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Come back to Leo and post from 🦁

You’ll get way more engagement from many in the community who are spending a lot of time manually curating native posts from our interface like @taskmaster4450le, @uyubong, @trumpman and others.

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thanks @khaleelkazi . I kind of lost sight of leo as it moved over to hive. I enjoyed posting on steemleo and found it the most engaging community. I will post on leofinance from now on when my content is niche appropriate.

Np :)

Yeah I think a lot of people have forgotten about Hive-Engine tokens for the past few months as we've dealt with all the Steem headaches. Things are definitely recovering to their normal levels and beyond as people realize that the true Steem projects are now 100% on Hive 🦁

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