Made $100 For Just Posting About Splinterlands

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The income opportunities from Splinterlands are still mind-boggling to me. And, by that I mean in it in a very good way.

Shortly after I began gameplay I discovered as a gateway onto Hive while I looked up tutorials. So naturally I began to post about my experiences. But by reading and curating articles I learned about delegating to @monster-curator .

I delegated 1000 SPT to Monster and received a "Monster" upvote in return. Plus I will get passive income for like "ever"! I plan to delegate more and more to @monster-curator but that one post about it just earned me $100ish USD and I'm stunned.

My author payout was 6846 SPT which converts to about $130 hive. At $.76 for Hive that means if converted to hive and out to USD it would net me $98.80! This would simply be a byproduct of starting to play Splinterlands as a newbie and posting about my experiences. It takes a little luck and time to get a vote from Monster but it happens, and it will happen to you a lot if you stick with it.

I'm not even taking into account the hive I earned for the post or the DEC and Reward Cards/Potions I've earned in my 1 month of play so far. I'm strictly focusing on this single post.

Right now I've staked half and sold half for Hive. I plan to delegate part of my stake to @monster-curator because it is a win/win for the community and myself.

But instead of taking around $50 in cash or keeping in Hive I'm converting my liquid SPT and Converting into DEC. Why? Because 3368 SPT is worth 842 Air Drop points and the corresponding DEC is worth 8312 Airdrop Points. And that is what I'm looking to maximize at the moment.

This still leaves me a nice chunk of SPT to curate with and/or delegate back to @monster-curator. It's crazy to think about the type of money that can be made simply trying to play and learn about a game but this is reality right now and I encourage all my Hive and Leofinance followers to jump in and play.

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