ETH + KOINOS mining sesh

15 days ago
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All of this and mining hive as well with various and very lucrative investments on the hive blockchain, that update is for another day.
Today KOINOS luanched its miner capabilites not with out some hiccups I assure you.

Different kind of mining

This is a whole new ball game or maybe not.

I first came across KOINOS from edicted

Koinos Koin Miner
Never heard of it than I dug a bit deeper and its the old STEEMIT INC crew.
Check out this video.

Open-Orchard Github

View readme for more info:

Quick Steps
Download the miner.
Set up a wallet to fund for ETH transactions.
Make sure to fund this account before turning on the miner.
Point the app to your ETH wallet to receive funds.
Pick a Proof Frequency that isn't too expensive.
Change Endpoint to
Turn on the Miner.

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