Can Splinterlands Keep It Up?

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Hi fellow Lions,

Today I’m here with another Splinterlands post, which I’m sure there’s lots!


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Sustainable Long Term

One of the big questions that I and many others have or are thinking: is the price action of Splinterlands that we all love and is bringing so much attention to Hive, sustainable long-term? That’s definitely a subject that I and lots of others are interested in figuring out!

Predicting the future of markets is about as accurate as predicting the weather. Sometimes you get it right, sometimes you get it wrong. There are clear and obvious signs of activity you can measure but as far as predictability, it’s not always a guarantee.


I decided to take a look at my two accounts on Peakmonsters to just get an idea of what they are roughly worth and boy did it grow since the last time I looked a few weeks ago! The price of my accounts in value doubled!

What is funny is that my alternate account is valued more than my main account! I think it’s because it’s made up of mostly gold foil cards but the market value is significantly lower. My main is worth pretty close to the same on both projected and market value.


Not a bad valuation for an alternate account! Stick all of that stuff together on one account and it’s about 85k list price and 55k market price. Far and away more money than I ever put into Splinterlands and even Hive!


The craziest part about it all is that this idea of value in real dollars to people who play some type of video game isn’t something folks are used to. Sure there have been things sold on the internet for games for years. I remember playing Diablo and buying runes online for the gear I wanted. Those purchases weren’t often though and outside of someone wanting it in game, there wasn’t any real dollar value to be had.

Splinterlands totally changes that in my opinion! You need money to start in the game that’s for sure but after an initial investment of maybe 100$ to get yourself a decent summoner to get out of bronze, you can be on a good track to make quite a lot of money if you get lucky enough. I’m still amazed at thinking the game is going as well as it is. They released some insane numbers the other day and Spellbooks, which are required to start playing the game in the first place, have exponentially risen in purchases. That’s at least 10$ a person into the game economy, multiply that by the 150k (I think) they sold of them in August and that’s 1.5 million dollars to the team just in spellbook sales! Are we ready for there to be 500k players, 1 million players in the game?! I don’t know about you but I think that’s absolutely insane but awesome! The best part about that is that means there’s hundreds of thousands of additional Hive accounts and people that are going to look to figure out what the blockchain that’s underneath the hood of Splinterlands is all about!


The only thing I just want to cautiously add.. will this be the same situation during a bear market? Will we get new sign ups or will the mass of new people quit out of frustration in market value? Only time will tell! Let's hope that the release of Chaos Legion can keep a lot of long-term sustainability in the Splinterlands economy. I know that it will definitely bring a lot of short-term success. Hopefully we can keep people hooked on the game and staying around to play and earn!

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