XDAO V2 App Quicklook and Contests - Also Looking At Volatile Markets

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Hello everyone and welcome back to another mid week update and dapp review on Coin Logic TV!

Man, these markets are extremely volatile so watch out!

We will be taking a look at the https://coin-logic.com home page which shows the trending market data as well as looking at the Fear and Greed index which is in the neutral zone.

But other than these crazy markets, we are looking into the future and continuing to build no matter what the price does! We are going to be taking a quick look at the new XDAO Version 2 dashboard for our new Coin Logic Finance Club. I created the Coin Logic pDAO or CLP, which will be our Polygon DAO. Got this created to give the interface a first run and to get the ball rolling! More of a deep dive will come.

XDAO is holding 2 contests currently. One is for influencers who are interested in the platform and want to use it and help promote it, and the other is for those that want to build their DAO and get going in this awesome new world of decentralized companies.

Here are the links for the 2 contests via Twitter:



Go make sure to read all the contest rules and such! There is some good money prizes involved from the looks of it!
I know I am at least going for the creator's contest, so you guys have some competition, haha!

Nothing we say is financial advise. This is for educational and recreational purposes only! Stay safe in these volitile markets and don't get rekt!

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